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  • Mommy Life sees something more behind the latest liberal disparagement of women who choose to stay home and raise children:

    I know a lot of us have been lukewarm to [GOP candidate Mitt] Romney, but what I’m seeing is that there is a spiritual battle taking place here that centers around the conflict between those who desire to put our families first and a government that seems completely out of touch with the fact that this is a worthy goal, a government that wants to encroach on the rights of parent and to humiliate women who don’t fall in with the party line.

  • Live Action blasts Dr. Phil for promoting the “mercy killing” of the disabled. He featured the mother of two institutionalized adult disabled persons, who visits her children once every two months, and wants the right to kill them via lethal injection because she deems their quality of life to be substandard:
    “The most disturbing part of all? Dr. Phil offered a weak rebuttal to her argument, but he still went on calling this an act of mercy to her children. He then polled the audience to see how many of them agreed with this mother.

    Almost every single member of the audience did.

  • Kansans for Life updates us on the petition to revoke the license of abortionist Ann Neuhaus, George Tiller’s supposedly impartial yet compensated “second opinion” for late term abortions:

    … [S]tate law required independent referrals to verify that [late-term] abortions were obtained only to prevent the death of, or irreversible and substantial injury to, the mother.

    All the 11 young women were in their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy when they met with Neuhaus at the Tiller facility. Neuhaus was never trained as a psychiatric consultant, and ended up utilizing an online “answer tree.”

    Evidence from the patient files repeatedly indicated such diagnoses were logged in and completed within 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Accepting Abundance gives a great analogy of the jellybeans in a jar guessing game in comparison to the latest CDC information on lower birth rates among teens:

    The number of jellybeans are like the number of pregnancies among teens (or any group of women) in the U.S., and that is the only number that really matters as it relates to teen behavior unless abortion is an acceptable solution. We do not know whether teen pregnancy has declined or not because we do not know the number of pregnancies aborted during that same time. To toss out the number of births as if it were meaningful is akin to the child’s game scenario above – there’s an unknown amount more than is shown.

    The CDC does not require abortions to be reported and unless we know how many teen pregnancies were aborted, we don’t know the total number of teen pregnancies that were discovered.

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports on the desperation of the Vermont Legislature, which, in an effort to save an assisted suicide bill, attempted to attach it to a bill regulating tanning beds.
  • Abolitionist Society of OK takes on the question of supporting the death penalty while opposing abortion.
  • Culture Campaign examines several articles following Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s signing of a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks gestation. Part of the reported hysteria surrounds the ability to abort preborn babies with disabilities.
  • Down on the Pharm posts a video encouraging people of faith – and in particular, Catholics – to vote their values:


[Photos via LifeNews and Accepting Abundance]

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