Pro-life stalwart Abby Johnson recently received a request from the American Cancer Society for a donation via snail mail.

Abby responded with a note explaining she would not give to ACS because 1) it had given money to Planned Parenthood in the past and never recanted; and 2) it refused to acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Abby expected nothing to come from her response but was surprised to receive a letter from Dr. Otis W. Brawley (pictured right), ACS’s Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President, Research and Cancer Control Science.

The surprise didn’t end there. In his letter, Dr. Brawley made the wild claim that “Planned Parenthood delivers more children than any other medical practice in the U.S.”

Read for yourself (click to enlarge)…

Dr. Brawley has obviously confused obstetrics with abortion. In actuality, Planned Parenthood is the United States’ largest abortion provider, not baby deliverer.

According to Planned Parenthood’s most recent Fact Sheet, it served 7,021 prenatal clients in 2009 while committing 332,278 abortions and making only 977 adoption referrals.

This means that 97.6% of pregnant mothers who come to Planned Parenthood get abortions, while only 2.1% get prenatal care and only .3% get adoption referrals.

According to Tair Sye, national spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Federation, only 63 of Planned Parenthood’s 800+ clinics, or 7.8%, offer prenatal services.

And providing “prenatal services” is not to say PP delivers babies. This could only be possible if a PP has 1) in-house physicians and/or midwives who are on 24 hour call; and 2) those physicians and/or midwives have hospital privileges.

So Dr. Brawley is vastly misinformed.

And now we see the American Cancer Society is vastly misinformed about Dr. Brawley’s claim. Pro-lifers complaining to ACS about Dr. Brawley’s whopper were told no such whopper had been made. Several pro-lifers received the same response, “To be clear, we have no record of ever making that statement and it is not our position.”

Here’s one email received (click to enlarge):

No surprise, Dr. Brawley leans left. He donated to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

Perhaps that is why Brawley has served as a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection and Control Advisory Committee, which is also ironic, since the very Planned Parenthood Brawley defends increases the risk of breast cancer.

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