News about the visit the FBI paid to son-in-law Andy Moore is getting around – as far as New Zealand.

Today Andy’s attorneys, the Life Legal Defense Foundation, sent a letter to the FBI accusing it and President Obama’s Department of Justice of attempting to intimidate pro-life activists around the country:

Moreover, the government is on notice that the collusion between government agents and abortion clinic providers has been brought to light. The concerted efforts to systematically violate the free speech rights of these pro-life advocates, via fabricated FACE cases, will not be tolerated by our federal court system. We are aware of the stern warning issued by Judge Ryskamp in the U.S. v. Pine (10-CV-80971) matter that the government’s baseless FACE allegations unjustifiably burden a person’s First Amendment rights. Any further action taken by your agency to interfere with my client’s constitutionally protected free speech activities will be met with immediate legal action against the government in U.S. District Court.

Further evidence of the conspiracy between the government and the abortion business was made public when LLDF learned that the FBI set up a training program for police officers who are called to respond to conflicts between abortion businesses and pro-life demonstrators. Even more, the very training manual for the FBI event was written by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation. To make matters worse your agency has listed pro-life activists as domestic terrorists simply because of their viewpoint on abortion.

LLDF sent a copy of its letter to the U.S. House Oversight Committee. As the letter states, the Obama administration is engaging in “McCarthy era surveillance and scrutiny of people because of their supposedly differing ideologies.”

This has become so obvious a Congressional investigation is in order.

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