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  • The SBA List decries the Obama Administration’s most recent act against the will of the people, this time extending a federal grant of almost $400k to Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis in Tennessee. The state recently defunded PP, rerouting funds to local health departments.
  • At Moral Outcry, Susan Tyrrell explains why she believes it really doesn’t matter what else is in Obamacare – the bill’s taxpayer funding for abortion should be enough reason to vigorously oppose it.
  • Pro-Life in TN links to a story describing the failure of Knoxville abortionists to comply with a new law requiring them to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Could Knoxville become abortion-free? Interestingly, the two clinics there claim most of their clients come from outside the area.

  • Down on the Pharm shares good news from North Carolina:

    The NC legislature overrode Gov. Bev Perdue’s [pictured left] veto, to redirect $343,000 in state family planning funding away from the abortionists towards the county health departments.

  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers lauds the European Parliament’s recent condemnation of forced abortion in China, urging investigation into its contributions toward the country’s family planning to ensure the funds are not being used to further the hideous practice.
  • At National Review, Michael New discusses why despite the recent setback in Mississippi in which a judge allowed an abortion clinic to remain open despite violating state law, the pro-life movement’s strategies overall appear to be succeeding.
  • Wesley J. Smith comments on the latest example of “consumerist medicine” – ovary transplants to stave off menopause:

    The controversial notion would allow career women peace of mind with a fertility insurance policy so they can find a partner, settle down and become financially secure before starting a family. By delaying the menopause they could also avoid the increased risk of osteoporosis and heart disease that come with the end of their fertile life but may raise the risk of breast and womb cancer.

  • ProLife NZ reports that a complaint filed against the New Zealand government’s prenatal screening program by the group Saving Downs will be examined by the International Criminal Court on charges of eugenics:

    The basis of the complaint is that the screening programme targets unborn children with Down syndrome and other rare conditions such as Spina Bifida for birth prevention. New Zealand is signatory to the Rome Statute, under which the ICC operates. The persecution of an identifiable group of the civilian population through birth prevention is prohibited under the Statute.

[Photo via Charlotte Observer]

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