When any other industry is being discussed, most liberals believe the correct level of regulation, always, is: more.

… [Media] sensibilities have given us a seemingly endless train of special investigative series aimed at demonstrating how dangerously under-regulated we are….

[T]hanks to [Virginia’s] new clinic rules, progressives are discovering regulations really do cost real people real money. This, too, is a far cry from their usual stance, which entails hostile skepticism toward any claim that complying with a government rule might enfeeble business. Indeed, the public is often fed disingenuous drivel about what a great economic boon the new rules will be: If a factory has to install new equipment or a power company has to meet a higher green-energy standard, why, just think of all the new jobs that will create! The same nonsense could apply to the new clinic requirements, which are creating a lot of business for the construction trade. Funny how this argument hasn’t shown up in the abortion debate….

And yes, there is certainly a flip side to all of this. Conservative knees usually jerk in reflexive opposition to any new government regulation. The standard Republican line holds that most new regulations have little to do with health and safety and much more to do with anti-business attitudes. In this case, conservatives happen to be right — yet they vehemently insist otherwise.

~ A. Barton Hinkle, who believes the solution to all business regulation – including abortion clinics – is “to limit government power,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 5

[Image via stkarnick.com]

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