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  • Wesley J. Smith notes that the Democratic Party’s abortion platform is extreme, even for the majority of Democrats:

    While solid majorities of Democrats back some limitations on abortion — 59 percent would ban partial-birth abortions, for example, and 60 percent endorse a mandatory waiting period — the official position of their party is that even common-sense restrictions are unthinkable….

    If Obamacare remains in effect, eventually Congress will revoke the abortion restrictions currently in the law. Then, we’ll see a “Free Abortion Rule,” patterned after the Free Birth Control Rule.

  • Moral Outcry describes how Planned Parenthood reveals its true motive – money – in email fundraising campaigns to support its lobbying and highly-paid employees. Do PP’s supporters know they aren’t actually supporting “women’s health” when they give to the PP Action Fund?

  • Secular Pro-Life points to a rogue writer at the Huffington Post who apparently forgot to stick to the “Men are irrelevant after sex” meme:

    Most men, however, are not rapists and do not support rape. Most men are sons and brothers and fathers and friends; not only do they love the women in their lives, but they would go to great lengths to protect them. Their daily lives and very existence are deeply and inextricably intertwined with women around them. Including the men whose values don’t align with mine.

    These men deserve a place at the table, if not a veto, then at least a vote [on reproductive policy].

  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer notes America’s selective outrage when it comes to child sexual abuse. The Penn State and Catholic Bishops’ cover-ups are looked upon with disdain, while Planned Parenthood is paid “more than $1 million a day… [and] probably covers up more sexual abuse of children than any other institution in the United States. Evidence is overwhelming.”

  • ProWomanProLife comments on an eye-opening story in Slate that celebrates lust, selfishness, and abortion – Jewish-style:

    It’s a story of selfishness. It’s a story of how oxytocin changes abilities to reason. It’s a story of what we are told we can do. And then some women go out and do it. And some blog about it, and compare their choice to kill their lentil-sized baby with deeply significant religious events like Passover that do not celebrate what she thinks they celebrate. Then trendy magazines like Slate give a forum for such articles and the author feels satisfied that she is a real artist.

  • New Feminism writes about “ComKids,” or “commercially created children” and what their rights should be in a society that has turned children into creations to be obtained at any cost.

  • John Smeaton stands in defense of Northern Ireland politician Jim Wells (pictured left), who is waging the pro-life battle against the rape, conception, and abortion issues in his own country:

    Rape is traumatic, but to argue that aborting a child conceived through rape undoes that trauma ignores that abortion, too, is an act of violence. Of 200,000 babies aborted in Britain annually, less than 1% are conceived through rape…. Today, [I am] proud to work with Jim Wells and other politicians who believe a child’s right to exist does not depend on the circumstances of his, or her, conception.

  • Timmerie’s Blog rejoices at the Republican Party’s platform on the sanctity of human life:

    Opposition to the non-consensual withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from people with disabilities, including newborns, as well as the elderly and infirm (YES!)”

  • Pro-Life Action League posts about two different grandmothers. One was falsely accused of touching someone during a prayer vigil outside Chicago’s Albany Medical/Surgical Center – on a day she wasn’t even there. The other is the mother of Tonya Reaves, who is suing after her daughter died aborting her second child at a Chicago Planned Parenthood.
  • ProLife NZ says New Zealand’s pro-abortion group, ALRANZ, is busy making public statements attempting to “[sell] the general public the myth that NZ desperately needs liberal abortion laws – definitely nothing that actually resembles a coherent logical argument for why aborting an unborn human being should be considered an ethically acceptable thing to endorse or carry out.”

[Photos via and The National Archives]

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