Another amazing celeb pro-choice ad: “Yes We Can” to “Yes We Plan”

President Obama has been a champion for women’s health and a steadfast ally for Planned Parenthood. Now we’re standing with him. Watch the “Yes We Plan” video starring Mary J. Blige, Julianne Moore, Q-Tip, and other Planned Parenthood Action Fund friends — and then make a promise to vote for President Obama and other pro-women’s health candidates.

Together we can stand strong for women’s health, and we can win.

Yes We Plan.

~ Planned Parenthood Action Fund promoting its latest pro-Obama/pro-choice ad as reported by The Hill, October 30

17 thoughts on “Another amazing celeb pro-choice ad: “Yes We Can” to “Yes We Plan””

  1. Right?

    With apologies to MC Hammer:

    That’s word we plan (plan!),
    oh yeah we plan (plan!)
    We got to plan just to vote for the man! 



  2. I’ve been wondering what “Q-tip” thinks now for so long! It’s great to finally have some sort of definitive word. Thank goodness, I can finally live my life the way someone named “Q-Tip” would!


  3. I’m just sitting here chuckling at the guys in the background wearing hot pink shirts with birth control pills on them.

    Really, this is a picture perfect example of modern feminism… and what they think about men. 

    Move to the back, you’re unimportant. 


  4. Seriously. “Modern feminism” (of the celebrity and msm kind) is just embarrassing. When did the sum total of our healthcare and our rights become packaged into family planning and abortion? #UGH


  5. Obama…a “champion” for women’s health????  SERIOUSLY? The sentence that follows is more accurate  :”and a steadfast ally for Planned Parenthood”.
    I just can’t get over it….how stupid ARE celebrities?  


  6. we plan so well that abortion is an industry going strong? oh the irony. 
    If these stars really want to help, they should help the poor, work in soup kitchens, help in any way, but why help women be duped into killing their children?  I just don’t get it.


  7. I just want to know how many videos we are going to get from these random celebs, I’m just fascinated by them lol.


  8. “I just want to know how many videos we are going to get from these random celebs, I’m just fascinated by them lol.”

    Same here. I wonder how this became the pet cause for all of Hollywood.  


  9. The saddest part of this whole election has been the number of stars and starlets whom I used to admire and enjoy, and now I can’t.

    Jenna Fischer, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba….

    I won’t be able to enjoy watching their work with these pink butchery spots seared into my brain. 

    They won’t influence any voters, but they have lost quite a few fans.


  10. The PP video states, “We have earned the right to be respected.”

    Bull crap.  I decide who I respect.  You earn my respect when I say you earn it.

    You will never earn my respect as long as your mantra remains:

    “Yes we can!
    Yes we can!
    Yes we plan,
    Another dead child in a pan!”




  11. If all this “planning” is being done, then abortion (beyond medical necessity) isn’t needed. I’m ok with that! But as an adopted person, am thankful my bio parents lack of planning didn’t lead to their lack if responsibility! Thankful to her!


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