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  • Big Blue Wave shares a video from Alliance for Life Ontario, which the Advertising Standards Council of Canada claims is “demean[ing] and denigrat[ing to] women.” The ASC plans to penalize the pro-life group for refusing to amend or withdraw the ad:


  • At National Review, Michael New notes the critical flaws in the recent study in favor of free contraception:

    [T]here are at least five reasons why this study greatly overstates the impact of no-cost contraception.

    1) No control group… 2) Limited impact on repeat abortion rate… 3) Exaggerated impact on overall abortion rate… 4) The weighting mechanism overstates effectiveness of contraception program… 5) The results are not generalizable to a large population….

    All in all, the pro-life movement receives plenty of criticism from the mainstream media and supporters of legal abortion for not being more contraceptive-friendly. However, in reality there is little evidence that supports the effectiveness of contraceptive programs. Separate studies from both the Guttmacher Institute and the Centers for Disease Control both indicate that a low percentage of sexually active women forgo contraception due to high cost or lack of availability.

  • Accepting Abundance also comments on the free contraception study:

    Caring for women is not the real agenda. Saving the taxpayers money or reducing abortion is not the real agenda. The real agenda is about power. How do you gain power? You convince people they need you to take care of them. You convince them you can save them. You convince them you are god. Works every time, right?

  • 40 Days for Life provides updates from several cities at the halfway point of the campaign. Pro-life speakers David Bereit, Abby Johnson, and Rev. Walter Hoye paid a visit to the Nashville gathering.

  • FRC Blog responds to an article that attempts to paint the pro-life as something it isn’t:

    When working through policy issues with my interns, I often remind them to make sure they know the real principles guiding any discussion. Being pro-life is about valuing life because it is God-given and necessary for all other human experience on earth.

    It is NOT about being pro-opportunities and pro jobs or any other such thing. No dead people have jobs, enjoy art, or get a good education. Being pro-life means you don’t want innocent people to be murdered. A little state charity doesn’t make a platform of murder more palatable.

    If a man ran for office, ended all poverty, gave everyone an ideal education, but every day stood outside the White House and presided over the legal killing of innocent Americans, no one would vote for him. That is what happens in America, only it is labeled “choice.” Innocent people are killed and not a single one of them gets a good education or a chance to have a good life. It is the first liberty without which the others can’t be exercised.

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