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  • At National Review, Michael New remarks on President Obama’s frequent mentions of Planned Parenthood during the second Presidential debate, stating, “The fact that federal funding for Planned Parenthood is now a salient issue during Presidential debates is good evidence of pro-life progress.”

  • Our newest addition to Top Blogs, Voice of Hope, notes the unfortunate editing of the televised premiere of October Baby, in which a pivotal scene was omitted (spoiler alert at link).

GMC has since apologizedand plans to run the movie in its entirety in the future.

  • Wesley J. Smith says Obamacare, modeled after the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), would practice age discrimination as a “consequence of centralized health care, global budgets, and top-down management”:

    The United Kingdom’s National Health Service rations care and, evidence shows, discriminates against the elderly. Now, the Royal College of Surgeons finds that elderly patients are being denied life-saving surgery based on age rather than fitness.


  • The Road to Roe has links to audio and transcripts of the oral arguments in Roe v. Wade, which had “no evidentiary record in either Roe or Doe,” therefore, “the oral arguments are essential to understanding the Justices’ thinking and the mistakes they made in reaching such unprecedented and sweeping decisions that have sparked 40 years of social, medical, constitutional and political controversy.”
  • Moral Outcry tells us why we should avoid MacHeist, a company that offers drastically reduced prices on Mac software bundles. While the company claims to give 25% of the purchase price to 10 charities, “at least two of the ten charities getting the software money are fully pro-abortion agencies: The Global Fund for Women and Save the Children.”
  • Mommy Life shares video of a father whose heart was changed by his daughter, Paisley, who has Down syndrome:

    [youtube][/youtube][Photo via]

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