If you’re like me, you can’t dwell too long on the massacre of 20 school children yesterday (and six adults) at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

As psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News wrote, “Adam Lanza opened the door to a new kind of horror in America – the massacre of children.”

That’s not true, but I know what he was trying to say.

There was a personal reason President Obama cried during his press conference. We can all put ourselves in the place of those parents whose babies didn’t walk out of that school.

There is talk now of having police at every school in America, and also at malls and shops. The Lane Bryant store where five people were gunned down in 2008 is 10 minutes from my home. (That shooter is still at large.)

And churches. My own now has at least one off-duty policeman at every service. My pastor has a personal security guard.

Speaking of, Megyn Kelly of Fox News thought the crumbling faith community was a contributing factor:

America looks very different than it looked 30 years ago. We don’t interact with each other the way we used to, and faith has been diminished as well. And that’s not to diminish the position that is held by atheists, which is valid and to which they are entitled, but faith has something that’s been a common thread in America that has bound us for so long.

It’s not just “faith” that has bound us, it is the object of our faith, Yahweh. As John Cahn, author of the recemt bestselling book, The Harbinger, wrote, America and Israel are the only two nations whose founders “saw themselves in covenant with God…. [T]he Puritans, America’s founders, established America after the pattern of ancient Israel.”

Back to Adam Lanza, the 20-yr-old Sandy Hook killer who shot his own mother, an employee of the school, in the face before setting off for the school, Ablow wrote:

Perhaps there is a genetic vulnerability in such individuals.  Perhaps there is a defect in the serotonin (a calming brain chemical messenger) systems of such people.  Perhaps head trauma can play a role in damaging the frontal lobes. Some will even claim symptoms of autism could be involved. But consider this:  In every case I have ever treated in which empathy is in short supply or absent, it was eroded through suffering inflicted upon that person himself or herself, usually early in life.  Psychological trauma – whether chronic or acute – has been present in every violent person I have ever evaluated during the past two decades.

I think there are numerous forces at work contributing to the surge in destructive tendencies not just in America but around the world, including turning away from God; yes, abortion; violence in the home; even environmental toxins; and so much more.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the abyss can be averted? If so, how?

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