Commemorate Jan 22 by visiting a memorial site for victims of abortion

UPDATE 1/21, 6:25p: Don’t forget to include paying your respects at a memorial to victims of abortion tomorrow in your activities.

1/16, 11:53a: victims of abortionPro-life Action League has compiled a list of 263 memorial sites across the country that are dedicated to victims of abortion. These include 24 grave sites.

PLAL is calling on pro-lifers to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the infamous and tragic Roe v. Wade decision by visiting one of these memorial sites on January 22.

PLAL’s endeavor is called “Blessed Are They Who Mourn.”

I would add that bringing flowers to lay at the site would be another fitting tribute.

photos of abortion victimsPLAL is also asking to let them know of a memorial/grave site of which you are aware but is not on the list.

I think this would be an important way not only to honor our 55 million brothers and sisters who have been slaughtered by abortion (victims of choice), but also to avail ourselves to a time of reflection and rededication.

Please add this to your calendar on January 22.

[Photos taken when I visited the Tomb of the Unborn Child at Franciscan University, in Steubenville, Ohio, this past autumn]

20 thoughts on “Commemorate Jan 22 by visiting a memorial site for victims of abortion”

  1. I am praying for those that visit memorials.  That they remember the mothers too. Especially the ones that DEEPLY regret their abortions.

    That they are moved to remind themselves and others that there is hope and healing after abortion and far too many of us didn’t know then what we know now and would give ANYTHING to go back and make it right. 


  2. I tried to visit one in Michigan a few years back but could not find the plot even though I had the section where the memorial was. It was a Catholic cemetery and we walked round and round but never found it. I will try to visit one on the 22nd if there is one near me. Going to check out the list  now. I’ll probably leave a teddy bear or something like that. 


  3. I e-mailed them about one they left off the list. The one here in Oklahoma. I was at the memorial service when they had it 20 years ago.


  4. To commemorate January 22nd, I’m thinking about lighting a candle, taking a moment of reflection, and saying prayers for unborn lives lost, women who are considering abortion, for women who’ve had an abortion, the abortion clinic workers & escorts, & lastly, for the families who’ve lost a friend or loved one by suicide (I made a serious suicide attempt January 22, 2006, unrelated to Roe v. Wade).


  5. I’m sorry for whatever circumstance(s) drove you to attempt suicide, Ladybug.
    I’m certainly glad you weren’t successful, though!  ((((HUG)))


  6. Chances are if you know someone prominent in the prolife movement that person will have a fetus or two in a jar in their home.


  7. Cary, I know you meant that in spite, but the fact is many pro-life activists have indeed rescued discarded aborted babies from dumpsters and waste facilities and kept them until the babies could get a proper funeral and burial.

    Most if not all the burial sites linked to in my post above are rescued babies from the trash. I cannot imagine what their rescuers went through to ensure these poor little souls were buried with dignity.


  8. xalisae, did that doctor request fries with his fetus?  ROTFLMAO!
    Do you know what song is sung when people take communion in the Lutheran Church?
    “Yummy, yummy, yummy I got God in my tummy”.


  9. Gosh, imagine my surprise when I see a catholic site claiming that someone in the abortion industry did something less than salubrious.
    What did surprise me was you citing WorldNutDaily xalisae.


  10. That is a wonderful idea to honor the deceased babies who lost their lives during the abortion carnage.  Sadly, very few of these victims have a marked final resting place.   I am sorry that the abortion advocates sidetracked the thread with sensational speculation.  My condolences to the mothers who participate on this forum, who grieve their children.


  11. Kermit Gosnell kept severed fetal feet in jars in his clinic Cary…right next to the full term babies who were born alive and then had their spinal cords severd. Hooray for “safe and legal” abortion, amirite?
    Anyhow, I am all prepared for tomorrow. I have a little teddy bear and some beautiful colored flowers to take to my local Catholic cemetery that has a memorial to the unborn there. The flowers are so many different colors and they remind of how different little children are and how colorful they each are. And then it makes me think of that quote from Mother Theresa that says something along the lines of “how can anyone say there are too many children in the world? That is like saying there are too many flowers.” 


  12. Visiting one of the memorials tomorrow is a beautiful idea to remember all the precious innocent children’s lives lost, and all of the lives of the women who were forever hurt by abortion. 
    The thought occurred to me a week or two ago when I was trying to think of some way to honor all the children who have been lost to abortion that white roses would be a beautiful tribute to the purity, innocence, and love that all those beautiful children were. 
    I personally won’t be able to make it to one of the memorials tomorrow, but I wanted to share with you all two graphics that I made last week in honor of the over 55 million children lost to abortion. So that if you are like me and can’t make it to one of the memorial sites tomorrow you can post these on your social media pages, blogs, etc. in honor of them and show that we will always remember their lives and that they did matter.
    This is the larger graphic for posts…
    And this one is one that you can use as a profile image or avatar.
    Please feel free to download these images and share them on your own pages, social media sites, blogs, etc. Let’s all fight harder than ever to make this anniversary of Roe and Doe the last!


  13. 55 million babies ( not including countless numbers by highly effective birth control ) sacrificed on the altar of Womens’ “Reproductive Freedom”.

    Oh and I didn’t mention Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Oceania!!!!!


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