UPDATE 1/21, 6:25p: Don’t forget to include paying your respects at a memorial to victims of abortion tomorrow in your activities.

1/16, 11:53a: victims of abortionPro-life Action League has compiled a list of 263 memorial sites across the country that are dedicated to victims of abortion. These include 24 grave sites.

PLAL is calling on pro-lifers to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the infamous and tragic Roe v. Wade decision by visiting one of these memorial sites on January 22.

PLAL’s endeavor is called “Blessed Are They Who Mourn.”

I would add that bringing flowers to lay at the site would be another fitting tribute.

photos of abortion victimsPLAL is also asking to let them know of a memorial/grave site of which you are aware but is not on the list.

I think this would be an important way not only to honor our 55 million brothers and sisters who have been slaughtered by abortion (victims of choice), but also to avail ourselves to a time of reflection and rededication.

Please add this to your calendar on January 22.

[Photos taken when I visited the Tomb of the Unborn Child at Franciscan University, in Steubenville, Ohio, this past autumn]

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