Jessica Simpson admits she’s got the marriage-and-baby thing backwards


I’m doing it very backwards, I know! I’ll just keep my legs crossed this time.

~ Jessica Simpson admitting on The Tonight Show she’s not exactly getting married and having kids in the ideal order, as quoted by People, January 18, which adds: “Her wedding to fiancé Eric Johnson has been been pushed back again because of her surprise second pregnancy.”

[HT: Laura Loo; photo via People]

16 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson admits she’s got the marriage-and-baby thing backwards”

  1. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”
    Our entire society seems to have gotten the order of things goofed up.


  2. I don’t think Jessica ever considered choosing otherwise. She’s a millionaire who seems to love being a mother.


  3. I can’t imagine wanting to marry again after being divorced, but she seems happy so good for her. Hope they are happy together and this marriage is happier than her last.


  4. Jack,
    It gets better. I’m a disagreeable, mean-spirited bully, and even I was able to find a Prince Charming after my first ogre of a husband. The trick is to get comfortable with yourself and stop looking for them. They’ll find you. As much as being with the wrong person sucks, being with the right person is that much better. 


  5. I am glad Jessica chose life as well.
    DeniseNoe I totally agree with you this time (shock!). I see you got only 2 likes and I probably will get less but it’s ok, because the old nursery rhyme is still the truth. 
    The odds of them having a long and happy life together are diminshed. Couples who cohabit double the chances they will divorce compared to couples who do not live together before marriage (as if the divorce rate isn’t high enough). Not only are they more likely to fail at marriage, but to have more problems beforehand and within their marriage with trust issues, commitment issues, infidelity, more conflict,  if and when (btw the statistics are higher for cohabitor’s  relationships to break up before they ever make it to the altar) they do marry guess who suffers the most fallout THE CHILDREN who ususally end up repeating the cycle with the same problems, thinking that if I cohabit to have a “test drive” with this person before marriage I can avoid all of the same issues listed. It doesn’t work but because it is not PC anymore folks get angry when you tell it to them straight. Over 50 years of research backs up what the nursery rhyme says if you want to avoid poverty and divorce 1. stay in school and get an education 2. save your sex FOR MARRIAGE 3 don’t live together before you get married 4, commit fully to building a stable, healthy marriage (not perfect but stable and healthy) continue to date and flirt with your mate for the rest of your life 5. have children after you are married NOT before. 6. Worship weekly and pray together 7. Protect your family by honoring and respecting each other (living within your means is a part of that). No these are NOT guarantees but advice from an old person whose been married for 4 decades. 
    God help our nation on Dr. M.L Kings Birthday (a warrior for non-violence and peace), the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (the womb- the most potentially violent and unsafe place in America) and the 2nd Inauguration of the most Pro-Death President to ever hold the office. I have stayed away from TV all day today, it makes me nauseaous.   


  6. Am glad Jessica Simpson is bringing her babies to term. Yes, it would be better if she had done the marriage first, but at least she has a fiance’ dad.


    DeniseNoe I totally agree with you this time (shock!). I see you got only 2 likes and I probably will get less but it’s ok, because the old nursery rhyme is still the truth. 
    (Denise) MANY problems would be addressed, and the abortion rate decrease, if people followed the order given in the rhyme.  You select someone with whom you are compatible and for whom you have strong feelings. Then you marry. Then you have a baby. 1-2-3: Love, marriage, baby carriage. 


  8. Thanks X. I can’t imagine it but I’ve only been divorced like six months, I might feel differently some day.


  9. I hope you find the woman who helps make you feel differently some day, when you’re ready. *hugs*


  10. If we go by abortion rates, it appears that Obama won’t finish the top three in the most abortions in a presidency (again, by rate) – looks like Reagan is the highest, followed by either Carter or the first Bush.


  11. It’s only because of all of the hard work of prolifers getting the truth out (folks like Jill and many others) and the development of ultrasound have we seen a change in the hearts and minds of many Americans translate in a lowered rate. 
    That must make you feel better Ex for you to come here (on Inaugeration Day no less) and laud the first POTUS who openly, unabashedly lauds abortion but is pro-genocide as well which he related to Jill in the Illinois State Senate “if a woman wants a dead baby she deserves to get one, it’s too much of a burden on the woman to deal with a baby who survives a botched abortion” (I’m paraphrasing here but feel free to ask Jill if I am lying on BHO). Neither Bill Clinton nor Jimmy Carter, the previous Demoncratic presidents, stooped so low.


  12. @Jill Stanek: Yes, you’re glad Jessica “choose life.”  However, married women are statistically less likely to get abortions. Proper order helps.


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