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  • The Washington Post has an article on Allegheny Reproductive Health Center abortion clinic and abortion history in Pennsylvania. Interestingly, writer Sarah Kliff fails to mention why the state of PA passed a law in 2011 which “requires surgical abortion clinics to become certified as ambulatory surgical centers and meet other rules.” Wouldn’t want to bring up Kermit Gosnell, eh?
  • In Alabama, a 70-year-old woman was arrested for spraying holy water after an abortion supporter claimed she was sprayed in the face:

    In a Monday interview, Fecteau said the “unknown substance” was holy water that she keeps in a squirt bottle. She said she sprayed it because someone from the pro-choice group was walking close to her while burning a “noxious material.”


  • There are some unforeseen effects of having a One-Child Policy with a generation of people growing up without siblings:

    The resulting shift in social behavior is often referred to as the “little emperor effect”….

    Participants played four different cooperative games, which allowed researchers to isolate and measure particular behaviors such as altruism. The results indicate a stark contrast between the behaviors of pre- and post-policy participants.

    One particular game focused on trust. The first player was given a sum of money, and had the option to either keep it or give a portion to a second player. Whatever sum the player chose to give away would be doubled, and the second player would then have the opportunity to give some back to the first player. In both player positions, the post-policy group chose to give away less money, demonstrating that they were generally less trusting of other players and likewise less trustworthy. In other games they shied away from risk and competition, tending instead toward pessimism and in some cases even neuroticism.

    The researchers say parenting plays a major role in establishing these social behaviors, but without siblings in the picture, parents had fewer opportunities to teach social skills such as sharing. The researchers warn that if the personalities of an entire generation tend toward being self-centered and uncooperative, it could have major ramifications on Chinese society as a whole.

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