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  • New York Times editorial writer Juliet Lapidos seems to favor a rapist’s right to choose. She believes somehow legislative language – which is clearly designed to punish rapists who coerce their victims into abortion – will ban abortion in cases of rape. I’m not sure if she is willfully ignoring the section of the legislation which reads “with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime” or if in her attempt to parrot pro-abortion blogs, she never actually read the text carefully.


  • Ross Douthat on the various attempts to claim “Misogyny!” is the main motivating factor of the pro-life movement:

    But such an understanding was too simplistic when Nellie Gray [pictured left] founded the March for Life, and it’s grown steadily less compelling with time. As Jon Shields of Claremont McKenna College pointed out last year, pro-life sentiment has been steady over the last four decades even as opposition to women in the work force (or the military, or the White House) has largely collapsed. Most anti-abortion Americans today are also gender egalitarians: indeed, Shields notes, pro-life attitudes toward women’s professional advancement have converged so quickly with pro-choice attitudes that “the average moderately pro-life citizen is a stronger supporter of gender equality than even the typical strongly pro-choice citizen was in the early 1980s.” Among the younger generation, any “divide over women’s roles nearly disappears entirely.”

    The pro-life cause has proved unexpectedly resilient, in other words, not because millions of Americans are nostalgists for a world of stricter gender norms, but because they have convinced themselves that the opportunities the feminist revolution won for women can be sustained without unrestricted access to abortion.

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