imageI can’t handle shots anymore. And I always think of the next day: If I’m hungover, how am I going to take care of Lorenzo? I had a hangover once, three months after I had him. It was bad. I wanted to kill myself. Never again….

I’m so over partying…. My pregnancy changed the way I view things. It’s not all about being stupid and going out. It’s about family and making memories and working hard. I take everything more seriously….

I was so used to having someone take care of me, and now that I have Lorenzo, I’m doing everything on my own. My mom and dad will text me about how proud they are. They’re happy I finally grew up….

I was scared because I was never good with kids. I was nervous I was gonna suck, but everything came so naturally. It definitely feels cool to stare at him and know that he looks like me. He’s my blood, and I don’t have that with anybody because I’m adopted, so it’s really cool. That’s why I want more, so more people can have my genes.

I used to think my life was just perfect. No worries. I had a great guy and I could do whatever I wanted, like go to Las Vegas with my girlfriends. But having Lorenzo, he’s way better than any freaking Vegas club – he’s my whole life. It’s weird.

~ NicoleSnookiPolizzi, as quoted in Us Weekly, March 18 issue.

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