UPDATE 4/16 9:45a: Here’s a good piece on TweetFest Round 1, “Celebrities, politicians force media to look at abortion ‘House of Horrors.'”


4/15, 5:50p: Sign up now to participate in Round 2 of the #Gosnell TweetFest this Wednesday, April 17, from 8a to 8p EST.

Round 1 garnered almost 170,000 tweets, according to LifeSiteNews.com, with the hashtag #Gosnell trending in the number 1 spot, according to Lifenews.com. The TweetFest was credited, along with Democrat Kirsten Powers’ USA Today column, with finally getting the media to pay attention to mass murderer abortionist Kermit Gosnell. For example…

View infographic of last week’s tweets here.

Get more information on the Gosnell Round 2 Facebook event page. Feel free to make the FB cover photo your own, which I have done.

Topics for Wednesday:

1. Gosnell atrocities (many of which can be lifted from the Grand Jury report)

2. The culture/corruption of the press that allowed this story to go unreported

3. The culture/corruption of state regulatory agencies that overlooked Gosnell, in cohabitation with pro-aborts who fight clinic regulations

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