gosnellcastroIn the state of Ohio, fetal homicide is against the law, and “[a]ll of Ohio’s homicide and assault statutes prohibit actions which kill or injure another person’s unborn child at any stage of pregnancy,” which is what Ariel Castro did not once, but five times. Therefore, after the women’s rescue and Castro’s arrest, babies who would otherwise be viewed as non-viable entities, legal to dispose of under the law, are now positioned to become the driving force behind a possible death sentence for Ariel Castro for “aggravated murder.”

And while Ohio has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, Castro being prosecuted for aggravated murder is sure to send a message to the rest of Pro-Choice America that, according to the Ohio justice system, these five children had the right to life….

Unlike with late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, the media is in way too deep now to ignore Ariel Castro. The initial sensationalism of the story drew the pro-choice media in, thinking they were dealing exclusively with a sexual abuse/bondage/kidnapping case. Now it’s too late to back out, and the story has the potential to inspire a national debate about the inconsistency of a rationale that says murdering a fetus is wrong in some circumstances and perfectly acceptable in others.

~ Jeannie DeAngelis, Jeannie-ology, May 12

[HT: American Thinker; photos via philly.com and vivelohoy.com]

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