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  • ProLifeBlogs features an article from The Black Kettle which states that when the pro-life group Coalition for Life of Iowa applied for nonprofit status, the IRS “sought details about the content of members’ prayers at a Planned Parenthood” and “demanded that the group refrain” from doing so. They later dropped the demand when the group sought assistance from the Thomas More Society.
  • Secular Pro-Life examines the three ways in which the pro-choice side “corrupts” the abortion debate through use of dishonest language.
  • Wesley J. Smith says human cloning has arrived, and just as expected, scientists and reporters are giving inaccurate information about the process:

    The unfertilized egg is not turned into stem cells. Rather, in the same cloning process as resulted in Dolly the sheep, it becomes an embryo, which is destroyed to obtain the cells. Moreover, the process is hardly common. In fact, this is the first time [it] has worked in humans.

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  • Suzy B lists their 2013 Young Leader Awards recipients and nominees for their efforts toward life causes. Congratulations!
  • Albert Mohler writes an excellent article on what the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell reveals about our nation:

    … [P]ro-abortion forces found themselves continually forced to argue that Dr. Gosnell’s house of horrors was an exception and that abortion is not really at issue in the entire Gosnell trial… but it is an impossible point to make. The babies murdered in Dr. Gosnell’s “clinic” were not visiting a pediatrician. They were born only after so-called “botched abortions.” …

    While the trial was not an open debate about the morality of abortion, that issue is what every thoughtful person recognizes is at stake — which is precisely why the pro-abortion movement had to insist, over and over again, that the morality of abortion is not the issue.

    Here is a clue: When you have to argue at every turn that the issue is not abortion, the issue is abortion.

  • Pro-Life New Mexico features statements made by Tara Shaver in front of Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque. New Mexico allows abortion all nine months of pregnancy and does not regulate or inspect its abortion facilities. How many Gosnells might be in NM?


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