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  • At Real Choice, Christina Dunigan says abortion advocates omitted crucial information about Beatriz, the woman from El Salvador who delivered a terminally ill child at 27 weeks gestation, in order to make the world believe Beatriz had an abortion:

    Their argument was that since Beatriz’s baby was “not viable” due to anencephaly, the c-section was actually a hysterotomy abortion, performed to deliver a baby and then just let it die of prematurity.

    Thanks to Melissa for providing links to this Spanish-language article, and this one, which certainly add an interesting big of information: Beatriz had already gone into labor when doctors elected to switch from a vaginal delivery to a c-section to preserve her health….

    I’ve also learned that Beatriz and her mother did go to the nursery and see the baby.

    In other words: She didn’t have an abortion.


  • At Live Action, Ashley Herzog points out the latest instance of anti-life bullying by the “hate brigade” – this time against Republican Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler (pictured left), who recently discovered that her preborn child has a potentially fatal anomaly:

    What motivates these people to abuse women who have chosen to carry to term despite a poor prenatal diagnosis? I strongly suspect many of them have been involved in an abortion ó or know they would want one in a similar situation. It angers them to see someone make a choice they didnít have the courage to make themselves. But itís impossible for any normal-thinking person to really know what motivates them.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to an article about the balance between a minor’s privacy and parental responsibility. In her column, Mary Beth Hicks writes:

    How much privacy you allow depends on the child and the record of trust she has built, but your minor childís privacy is not an entitlement. Parental responsibility for our children means we have the right to know whatís going on. Thatís the only way we can guide and teach them.Too bad the abortion industry fights furiously against parental involvement when it comes to sex ed and abortion. It’s just bad for business.


  • Alex Schadenberg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition highlights an article written by Montana State Sen. Jennifer Fielder (pictured right) on the issue of assisted suicide legislation in MT, in which she notes the massive amount of funding behind pro-assisted suicide “nonprofit” lobbying groups.
  • At National Review, Michael J. New discusses a report which features “two separate polls both of which found that a majority of young voters lean toward either banning or restricting abortion.”
  • Big Blue Wave says Canadian conservatives seem to have the same trouble as many in the U.S. – they court pro-life support to get elected, but distance themselves from the position once in office.
  • Ethika Politika notes the importance of fatherhood, and how its disappearing role in the home affects all of us. Each day this week, they will feature a new article on the subject to “make possible a more serious, productive discussion of fatherhood.”
  • At FRC Blog, Anna Higgins laments the continuing reluctance of pastors to discuss abortion in the church, deeming it a “political issue” instead of a heart/sin issue necessitating repentance. Higgins also points out that where church leaders have dropped the ball, Christian rappers are beginning to speak out, offering hope and healing. One of those artists is Trip Lee:


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