Protect Baby Smiling

The House is expected to vote on H.R. 1797, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, early next week.

3DUltrasound#theyfeelpainYou may have noticed some negative press the past couple days. We we will lose this effort if the pro-abortion lobby gets away with defining the message. The lies are certainly flowing, such as Nancy Pelosi’s whopper yesterday that this bill would ban all abortions. I only wish.

Of all the bills offered in Congress, this should not be one that the abortion industry gets to define. We are talking about babies at the beginning of the sixth month. Babies that can feel pain. Babies like the ones Kermit Gosnell killed both before and after birth. Babies like the ones that you see in NICUs across the country. Babies that are tiny patients in fetal surgeries.

Americans Support #theyfeelpain

BabySmile#theyfeelpainWe MUST redouble our effort to get the positive message for H.R. 1797 out into the press. We know reporters watch social media, so I’m asking everyone to use major social media to get our message out. If you haven’t signed up to follow me on Twitter, please do, and please RT my tweets on this as you see them. Use hashtag #theyfeelpain. Same goes for Facebook. Please like and share my posts on this.

In addition, all traditional efforts like op-eds, letters to the editors, grassroots alerts and press releases would be helpful.

Above, to the side, and below are some graphics. Please use freely. Click on all banner graphics to see enlarged view.

Also, as of now there are 183 co-sponsors. Is your rep listed? If not, call NOW. There is a very small window today in which co-sponsors can be added.

Protect Baby Smiling

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