abortion-protesters-550x374Looking at Gallup over the years, opposition to abortion after six months has never dropped below 80 percent. Even at three months, the numbers are still impressive: Over 60 percent of Americans consistently oppose abortions after the first trimester, and in 2011 they rose to 71 percent.

If these were election results, you’d call it a landslide….

Reporters describe the new [Texas] law as “sweeping” and “extreme.”…

But the French might call it permissive. France bans abortion after just 12 weeks. In fact, most of Europe agrees with Texas. Most of the world agrees with Texas. So, who are the extremists?

We are often told we must reach common ground…. This plea generally comes from the political left, for whom common ground on abortion means taxpayer-funded contraception, which simply changes the subject. On abortion itself, they admit no compromise: no limitation, no delay, no parental involvement, not even personal financial responsibility….

The “pro-choice” fringe is not only fighting public opinion, but science and medicine as well…. Medical experts are demonstrating that fetuses can feel pain much earlier in pregnancy than previously thought, a reality that adds a whole new dimension to the abortion debate and was the driving force behind the new Texas law….

The growing acceptance of the truth about fetal pain gives late-term abortion defenders a tremendous challenge – not only to find ways to obscure the reality that abortion takes a human life, but to find the right words to excuse what we now know is torture.

There are no such words. And so they bring jars of urine.

~ Cathy Cleaver Ruse, The Daily Caller, July 24

[Photo via thetreeofliberty.com]

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