From UPI, yesterday:

As health exchanges open Tuesday to high traffic and technical glitches, numerous fake Obamacare websites are out there trying to steal personal information.

Although the federal website exists at healthcare.gov, there are numerous state and third-party websites that don’t have uniform domains….

So, as people look for health care exchanges, “they’re going to be faced with potentially hundreds or thousands of sites that claim to be legitimate but won’t be able to easily verify that claim.”

Identity thieves, and other cybercriminals have been buying vaguely official-sounding domain names for months in anticipation of harvesting unsuspecting healthcare consumers’ data, and some of these scam sites actually have better search-engine rankings than official sites.

Adds Erick Erickson at RedState.com, today:

After three years of getting ready, yesterday the nation signed on to get Obamacare only to have websites across America crash. The ones that were not crashing were scam sites designed for identity theft. Amid all of that, if you tried to get Obamacare through an internet search engine, you probably got scammed. “[S]ome of these scam sites actually have better search-engine rankings than official sites,” reports UPI.

This is the backdrop to the fight to defund Obamacare. Some pundits claim if it were not for the shutdown the press would have covered the disastrous launch. A press that has refused to cover all the painful stories of people harmed by Obamacare would never do this. Consider MSNBC, which like the North Korean propaganda ministry, claims the website crashes were because Obamacare is too popular.


So where are all the abortion rights groups, warning women that scammers may get ahold of their abortion history if they unwittingly post that personal information online at a nefarious website? Oh, they’re busy purring for Obamacare, because there’s a huge windfall of cash in it for them – both now and later

Liberal feminists only scream about potential (and nonexistent) invasion of privacy when it’s convenient.

But when abortionists throw abortion records in the trash, or Obamacare exposes women to unprecedented access to illegal invasion of privacy and identity theft… silence.

Because there’s something in it for them to look the other way.

Anybody with any online experience knows these illegal websites will be like Whack-A-Mole. As soon as one is shut down, 100 – 1,000 – more will spring up. It will be impossible to get rid of them. Sources – governments? – from all over the world will be targeting Americans for  theft of personal information. Among scads of other illegal intentions, blackmail will follow.

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