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  • Pro-lifers in Tennessee are beginning a year-long campaign to overturn a 2008 Tennessee Supreme Court ruling which prevents them from passing certain pro-life laws.
  • 12 News Now covers the inspection of a Beaumont, Texas, abortion clinic and its 13 violations:
    The October 3 inspection at Whole Woman’s Health of Beaumont turned up potential health issues.

    The report says the facility failed to provide a safe environment for patients and staff. The suction machines which were used on patients had numerous rusty spots which, “had the likelihood to cause infection.”The report also says, “the facility failed to have the EKG monitoring equipment ready if an emergency situation occurred….”

  • The Planned Parenthood in Midland, Texas, will remain closed as Texas’ recently passed abortion regulations had nothing to do with their closing:
    In fact, the bill passed by the Texas Legislature during their second special session this year had nothing to do with the location’s closure in September, board member Carl Moore said….

    While there was an abortion clinic in Midland under Planned Parenthood, Moore said he was on the board over the woman’s health clinic. The abortion clinic, he added, was run by different board members.Moore said he hopes the offices in Odessa and Midland would open soon, but said if it did, it would be in new buildings.

    “If by any chance we’re able to open, it would be a brand new Planned Parenthood with a different board,” Moore said. “This one has been officially closed.”


  • During a Project Truth display at Butte College, in Oroville, Californiatwo pro-choice students were arrested:
    A group of pro-choice supporters gathered nearby with signs in opposition on Oct. 22, the first day of the protest. The demonstration by each side continued well into the afternoon of the next day, until a student identified by Butte College Police as Sophia G.L. Green apparently took offense and reportedly grabbed a poster to take it down.

    Witnesses said another student, whom campus police identified as David Boone, interceded to prevent members of the anti-abortion group from physically stopping Green. Someone associated with Project Truth called the police, who responded and cited Green for vandalism and arrested Boone on a charge of assault.

[Photo via by Jose Olivar]

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