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  • Abortion Pill Risks notes a disturbing recent case report which calls into question the safety of off-label use of RU-486 for abortion. The FDA relies on voluntary reporting of serious adverse events of the drug’s use:

    A case report published in the July 2013 issue of Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology confirms the discovery of the first known global death case of ďFatal Clostridium septicum following medical termination of pregnancy.Ē…

    A number of different off-label or alternative medical abortion regimens have been recommended by providers in the United States. In the United States the FDA has issued public health advisories to warn health care professionals about the risks of sepsis and toxic shock in medical abortion and to reinforce use of the FDA approved regimen which does not include the vaginal use of misoprostol.

  • At CatholicVote, Michael J. New discusses the results of a new Quinnipiac poll on Catholic attitudes toward abortion and same-sex marriage.
  • 40 Days for Life notes the success of the campaign in England, where many originally thought 40 Days would have little appeal, as it was considered “too American.” The campaign garnered media attention from the Guardian and the BBC.


  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports that Belgium, which is already considered a pioneer in euthanasia, is considering extending this practice to children as long as the parents consent, as well as to people with dementia. Advocates say that denying children this opportunity is unjust, but opponents state that children cannot reasonably be expected to decide to end their own lives. What if the parents say yes and the children object? (And who decides for those with dementia?) Once this door is opened, how can it ever be closed?
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life discusses how Planned Parenthood is “making a difference” in Minnesota.
  • Blogger Matt Walsh has a powerful satirical piece on “ending the stigma of infanticide”:

    Meanwhile, abortion groups across the nation have organized pro-abortion events in 32 states, as part of their ď1 in 3? campaign. It aims to feature women telling uplifting and inspirational stories about their abortions. The organizers want to ďend the stigma of abortion.Ē It is the act of violently murdering an unborn human, why should there be any negative feelings attached to it?…

    Why stop at ending the stigma surrounding abortion?…

    Letís end the stigma surrounding child murder. All child murder ó not just the trendy kind, which weíve dubbed ďabortion.Ē…

    Make infanticide legal. Do you know why? Because we donít deserve to prohibit it. We canít sit here, ignoring the silent screams of millions of murdered children, and pretend that we have ethical standards. We canít do that. We donít get to do that. We canít celebrate the genocide of 50 million human infants and then pretend to be horrified because a girl stashes her dead baby in her handbag, or a psychotic sociopath drowns all of her kids in the bathtub. And Gosnell? What in the h*** is he doing in a prison cell? He did exactly what every other abortionist does, he just didnít dress it up and try to make it look pretty. He murdered children in a drab, run down building, and put the corpses in the fridge. Non-jailed abortionist murder children in nicer buildings, and throw the bodies in the hazardous waste dumpster out back. So one is in prison, and the others arenít due to, what, aesthetic differences?

    • Live Action posts video of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ dodge when questioned whether Obamacare enrollees can determine whether plans cover abortion before enrolling:


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