by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • ProWomanProLife showcases an article about the death of a young woman who used the NuvaRing contraceptive. Her lawyer now fights for justice against the manufacturer, which touts its product as being easy — but buried in the fine print of thousands of pages sent to the FDA are the results of 500 studies which included blood clots and death.


  • ProLife NZ has a truly wonderful story about an RU-486 reversal. Ashley, at age 20, became pregnant and was pressured to get an abortion. Thankfully, she and her daughter Kaylie are alive and unharmed today – flourishing, in fact.
  • At Pro-Life Action League, Ann Scheidler comments on the abortion industry’s tactics to force employers to pay for abortifacients, now in cases before the Supreme Court. The current propaganda is that women will be denied the use of birth control by their bosses. PLAL wonders when it becomes the responsibility of your employer to pay for your birth control.

    Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The lawsuits challenge the government’s right to force the employer to pay for a woman’s birth control in her employer-provided health insurance. No one is telling women that they can’t walk down to the corner Walgreens and buy whatever birth control they want….

    What a sad commentary on womanhood. I find it so frustrating and truly disappointing that all the feminist movement has come to is contraception and abortion. It is bad enough that feminist leaders campaign for abortion on demand and free birth control, but it is a real indictment of 21st century women that they buy this definition of themselves.


  • Alveda King of Priests for Life wishes she would have discussed her pro-life conversion with Nelson Mandela:

    I feel that I failed him by not reaching out to him and trying to get with him and sit down and have a talk about my transformation. How I came from thinking that it was okay to abort a child to knowing that it was wrong because it that’s a sacred human life. I failed but I pray that I don’t fail millions of others and I pray that that message will continue to resonate across the globe.

  • At Life Training Institute, Jay Watts discusses Joseph Dellapenna’s book, Dispelling the Myths of Abortion History. Part 2 here.
  • Right to Life of Michigan says pro-lifers gave an overwhelming response to a legislative calling campaign and Tweetfest on the Abortion Insurance Opt Out Act:

    Thanks to a great swell of grassroots lobbying effort, our message about voting on the Abortion Insurance Opt Out Act has been heard loud and clear in Lansing. Support for the measure is stronger than ever. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind at the Capitol that our initiated legislation has the votes to become law!

    Even Politico noticed:

    Michigan could become the 24th state to ban most abortions in exchange plans this week, after an unusual citizens’ petition drive that allows state lawmakers to resurrect a bill the governor had vetoed and vote it into law without his signature….

    Michigan legislators are expected to take a second stab at a ban this week. Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, vetoed it the first time. Anti-abortion activists collected more than 315,000 signatures to allow the legislature to take it up again, and if it passes it would become law without Snyder’s signature, under a provision in the state constitution.

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