jenny-mollen and familyby Carder

I was never the girl who yearned for children. I pretended to be interested in other people’s kids, but that was obviously just an act.

The truth was, children scared me. I knew that no matter what I did as a parent, I was bound to do some things wrong….

I wasn’t completely connected [during pregnancy]. I didn’t know how I could love something more than my dogs….

I worried that I hadn’t done enough with my life, that I wasn’t equipped to be the kind of mother he needed….

A nurse walked back over and placed my newborn son on my chest…. I cradled him in my arms the way I’d seen people hold babies in movies and tried to console him.

I was instantly and completely transformed. In that moment I knew I’d never be the person I was before, because now, I didn’t seem to matter that much. I was no longer concerned with accumulating the most Twitter followers or scoring the best parking spot at Whole Foods.

I wasn’t ready for kids. I was just ready for him.

~ Actress Jenny Mollen (pictured with husband Jason Biggs and son Sid), whose serious doubts about becoming a mother were immediately changed after giving birth, in an essay for Cosmopolitan via People, March 13

[Photo via Jenny Mollen]

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