This tweet by Jodi Jacobson, editor-in-chief of the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, is a great prospect for psychoanalysis:

The pro-abortion mind never fails to amaze me. Who would think of something like that, other than someone whose frontal lobe is steeped in abortion support?

Jacobson was right that initial news reports on the likely disaster, and many headlines, included a special notation that either one or two infants were among the passengers…


But Jodi asked a good question. Why is it that while all innocent deaths (presumed, but not confirmed in this case) are tragic, the deaths of babies are somehow worse? For example…

The answer is because babies are, well, babies, the tiniest, most innocent members of our species. We instinctively seek to protect them most of all.

FTC_Logo_2945_2011Along the same lines, this is why starving children are deemed more tragic than starving adults, or why we are more sickened to learn about child victims of sex trafficking than adult victims, or children strapped with suicide bombs. Grown-ups are supposed to protect children, the most vulnerable among us.

Which brings me back to Jacobson, who was obviously aggravated that the deaths of babies would warrant special attention over other deaths.

It makes sense that Jacobson would be hypersensitive about dying babies, since as of 2012 she made $179,293 annually to promote murdering those who are preborn.

It makes sense that Jacobson’s psyche would even be repelled by babies.

She has turned off the instinctively compassionate human switch to protect them and turned on an abnormal switch to kill them.

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