imageTalk about blatant bias. Although crowdfunded site Kickstarter refused the makers of the new Gosnell movie permission to fundraise, the same company hosted the recent After Tiller late-term abortionist documentary….

The After Tiller Kickstarter campaign described how the documentary delved into, “the lives of these physicians, who have become the new number-one targets of the pro-life movement, yet continue to risk their lives every day.”…

Right before the project was set to launch, Kickstarter wrote to [filmmaker Phelim] McAleer and demanded that “the phrase ‘1000s of babies stabbed to death’ and similar language be modified or removed from the project.” The site reasoned that, “Our Community Guidelines outline that we encourage and enforce a culture of respect and consideration.”

But McAleer called out Kickstarter’s hypocrisy later, by citing the site’s 16 projects about stabbing, 5 projects about incest, 44 projects about rape and 28 projects with F**k or F**king in the title (as well as one project with C*** in the project description).

~, April 4. Donate to the Gosnell movie project at Indiegogo.