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It’s amazing how persuasive attorney intervention can be.

After telling the Catholic group Peter’s Net it was barred from returning to the Walworth County Fair in Wisconsin this year, the fair board changed its mind upon hearing from the Thomas More Society, a pro-life legal group, and Wisconsin attorney Jerome Buting.

At issue was the pro-life component of Peter’s Net’s display…

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Pro-life fetal model

While fair officials made other excuses, the issue boiled down to viewpoint discrimination, according to the Thomas More Society. From gazettextra.com, May 12:

Attorneys said that it was a patron’s reaction to the booth that made the fair change its mind. According to the Jan. 29 letter:

A mother of a 7-year-old boy complained to the fair staff that a Peter’s Net booth volunteer gave her son a 2-inch model of an 11-week-old unborn baby as a game prize, according to the letter.

The baby was in a bag that also contained information cards. One card explained fetal development, the other had abortion statistics. The organization said the baby was not a prize or a toy and only available to teens, adults, and children with adult permission, according to the letter.

In response, fair staff told Peter’s Net volunteers to give the baby models only to people 18 or older, preventing the group from reaching its target audience of teenage girls, according to the letter.

The mother returned to the Peter’s Net booth and told the volunteers that fair staff had promised her organization would not be allowed to return. The mother shouted, “I got you kicked out,” at booth volunteers and began to harass them, according to the letter.  Volunteers felt threatened enough to call 911.

Seriously, at issue was a 2″ fetal model?

It continues to amaze me what power these beautiful little dolls hold over abortion proponents.

I know I speak for the entire pro-life community when I say we are proud of Peter’s Net for promoting life in its orthodoxy and refusing to cower.

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