zombie-ice-cream-truck for planned parenthood abortion industry leader

Yesterday, liberal site Wonkette revealed that even abortion supporters subliminally connect Planned Parenthood to abortion, despite all their conscious denials, when it posted the above photo, labeled “zombie-ice-cream-truck” with the following article, which got it in a bit of trouble with Planned Parenthood:ice cream for Planned Parenthood, United States largest abortion provider

The Daily Caller advises us today that a Portland, Oregon, ice cream parlor offended the sensibilities of all good pearl-clutching citizens Thursday by holding a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, and it even “created a new flavor of the frozen treat to mark the occasion.” Oh no! Now even ice cream has lost its innocence!

The parlor, What’s the Scoop, donated 10% of all sales during a three-hour window to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Planned Parenthood’s political arm, and featured the “exclusive, limited-edition ROSE CITY REVOLUTION flavor,” according to PPAO’s Facebook page. Rose City is one of Portland, Oregon’s nicknames.

That seems pretty mild, really. No Fetus Crunch? No Devil’s Food & Chocolate D&C? Not even a George Tiller Chiller? Seems pretty wimpy to us. But no matter. Whatever the flavor, it’s the amniotic fluid on top that gives it that special kick….

UPDATE: We have been reminded that abortions account for only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services, which makes the focus of this piece rather misleading. Wonkett regrets the error, and recommends you try the Pap-Smear ‘n’ Cream.

Ha. Freud would love it.

Ice cream connoisseurs will be interested to know “Rose City Revolution” was a mixture of honey, rose petals, and vanilla. “Rose City” is a nickname for Portland.

Carole Noveielli at LiveNews.com recommended the flavor “Blood and Scream!”

ice cream for abortion industry leader planned parenthoodAnother recommendation on Facebook was “Fetus Fudge.”

What’s the Scoop is now allegedly receiving  “threatening” phone calls that “are bizarre and odd.” The outlet reporting this slurred LifeNews.com as a “virulent[],” so it has a penchant for the bombastic when it comes to pro-lifers. I’d like to hear those calls. You would be able to tell honest pro-life abhorrence from pro-abortion pranksters.

But What’s the Scoop owners should not be surprised that opponents of abortion would be disgusted by their support of the United States’ abortion industry leader.

At any rate, what ice cream flavor would you create for Planned Parenthood?

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