Abortion Rally Pro-choice vs Pro-life on abortionPeople are such lemmings. Now that Planned Parenthood has decided the abortion movement’s most prized obfuscation, “pro-choice,” is uncool, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Suddenly, “[p]ro-choice sounds stark, institutional and impersonal,” proclaimed ad agency exec Shireen Jiwan of Sleuth in the AdWeek post, “How 6 ad women would rebrand pro-choice.”

Womankind’s Sandy Sabean added, “What needs to be made clearer is that what we are against is anti-choice.” Well, that really does clear things up. I’d think the correct phrase would then be “pro-choice,” but what do I know?

NARAL pro-choice America Then there’s NARAL Pro-Choice America. For obvious reasons this group likes the term pro-choice.

I would love to have been in the room when Planned Parenthood’s people told NARAL’s people their name was outdated. Ha.

But NARAL isn’t towing the “pro-me” line (ad exec Amanda Hughes-Watkins’ suggestion for the name replacement, which is actually pretty much on the dime, since abortion is about me, me, me).

2014-t-shirt-pca-hdNARAL is asking people to vote on three new t-shirt designs (warning: one of the choices is vulgar), and the third one is, ”I AM PRO-CHOICE AMERICA.”

This is really just a ploy to snag members (by voting “you are affirming your membership in NARAL Pro-Choice America”), but the bottom line is NARAL isn’t going to let go of “pro-choice” without a fight.

Which I love.

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