Riversby Carder

Of course, Rick Perry isnít really saying he truly thinks an abortion law like Texasí actually might have saved Joan Riversí life. Even Rick Perry is smarter than to say something like that out loud.

All heís saying is that if Joan Rivers had had the benefit of the kinds of regulations Texas has imposed on all abortion facilities at the place when she was getting her procedure done ó say, if Rivers had her surgery in a clinic that adhered to the minimum standards of ambulatory surgical centers, or if Riversí doctor had admitting privileges at a nearby hospital ó she would still be alive today.

Thatís all, yíall. Just oleí Gov Perry speakiní metaphorically, like. Makiní intellectual connections between seemingly unrelated issues.

~ Andrea Grimes mocking Texas Governor Rick Perry for his remarks regarding the circumstances of Joan Rivers’ death and clinic regulation, RH Reality Check, September 26

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