by Kelli

There has been quite a learning curve in the pro-life movement since 1973. At first, many abortion opponents were driven by anger.

Abortion was now legal and innocent babies were dying every day. Women were being viewed as murderers rather than secondary victims of abortion. Extremists were blowing up clinics and shooting abortionists rather than viewing them also as human beings with the right to life and potential to change and repent. Slowly but surely the pro-life movement has risen up to meet the needs and countered every argument that can be used to attempt to justify an abortion.

Although there are still some radicals out there, now more than ever, the unconditional love of our loud majority is blossoming, not only toward the women and children in need but also toward those who rally support for abortion rights and those who facilitate abortions….

There is not an argument out there today that is used to justify abortion… which we don’t have the means to remedy. Yet the radical feminists, political figures who support abortion, and those who profit financially from it are still using those same untrue arguments that were initially used to legalize abortion.

They are still screaming that women have no rights over their reproduction. The truth is that women have rights over their reproduction that they ought not to. No one should have the right to decide the date of death for another human being.

So next time you hear an abortion supporter proclaim that pro-lifers don’t care about women, you can let them know that we are here to offer real solutions to women and their children.

We are winning this fight and have overturned their arguments with real solutions and we will not rest until all human life is protected and viewed as having intrinsic value.

~ Meagan Weber, “The 1970’s Called – They Want Their Arguments Back,” The Guiding Star Project, January 19

[Photo of March for Life 2015 via The Daily Caller]

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