Minajby Carder

And while some may criticize her for not “keeping her business to herself,” I’m extremely glad that she didn’t stay silent.

For starters, while a handful of Black celebs have talked about having abortions (Vanessa Williams and Sherri Shepherd come to mind), it’s rare that young Black celebs speak out.

And largely, the public narrative around who has accessed this safe and legal (depending on where you live) medical procedure, has been centered on white women - further perpetuating this notion that abortion is a white woman’s issue and that they are the only ones who are deeply impacted by the current war on women.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. African-American women have the highest abortion rates in the U.S.

~ Kellee Terrell, explaining why she is ever-so-grateful that rapper Nicki Minaj came out with her abortion story, BET, January 6

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