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Sad news: Inspirational pro-life blogger passes away

I’m so sad to report one of the bloggers we feature in our top blogs section (right side of home page) has passed away.

New blog team members!

I’m excited to announce several new additions to the JillStanek.com blog team!

Hans Johnson is now sharing duties with Laura Loo preparing our “Pro-life video of the day” segment, and has been for several weeks now. Hans and LL are both very diligent, working hard to post the latest videos on our topic, sometimes having to switch gears at the last minute for a time-sensitive entry. I so appreciate how seriously they take this important daily post.

We also have two new moderators: Alice and Tyler! Both are well known to post sage, measured comments and came highly recommended by our other wonderful moderators, Bobby Bambino, Carla, Gerard, and Suki.

Last chance to take Stanek survey on state of pro-life movement

For the past couple weeks I’ve featured an ad asking you to take a survey on the state of the pro-life movement, this to learn how this blog and I can better support and inspire you. The response has been great. Almost 400 of you have shared your thoughts, which is phenomenal. But if you […]

Australian pro-life tour recap

Rich and I are at the airport. It’s 12:30p on July 16 here. (Happy 30th birthday to son Tim!) Our plane departs for America soon, thus ending our whirlwind pro-life tour for Right to Life Australia.

No matter what state or country I visit, I find pro-lifers amazingly similar. We are our own unique culture, like our own ideological country. No matter where I travel, I meet instant best friends. There’s no time or need for small talk. We jump right to the topic at the front of all our minds, the sanctity of innocent human life. So it was in Australia. I will miss my new friends.

G’Day from Australia!

G’Day from Australia, pro-life mates! Rich and I arrived in Melbourne 15 hours ago after just as long a flight from Los Angeles.

Memorial Day, a day to remember

Blog enhancements

We’re always on the lookout to tweak the blog to make it better.

FYI, here were a few enhancements made in the past several days:

  • Comments will now be open on all older posts. We originally had to close them after two weeks due to spam, but that is now under control.
  • Added a new and better print plugin.
  • Added some features to comments, including buttons for copy, paste, and blockquotes. You can now also drag the comment box to make it bigger if you need more space when you’re typing.

I have a question for you on comments. We have the ability to nest comments, which would let you respond to a comment after the comment. Would you like that feature added, or no?


Most of you are aware my site was compromised Friday. Our web person got rid of the infection, but there was a hidden trigger that set it off again Saturday. Now that, too, has been found and dealt with. We will likely never know whether this was a malicious or random attack. But objectively speaking, […]

Final Update: Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day

UPDATE 1/30, 7:12a: We blindsided and overwhelmed NARAL last year with our “Ask Them What They Mean by ‘Choice’” Day, but this year the group was more prepared. They signed up 1/3 more blogs to participate and tried to keep up with our counter-tweets.  But we forced them to think about what “choice” really stands […]

Country music star to perform at March for Life events

Named spokesperson of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network only four months ago, country music star Collin Raye is diving right in to pro-life activism. Raye is scheduled to perform at five pro-life events in Washington, D.C., leading up to and during the March for Life. Raye will perform for over 2,000 college students […]

Who Is Jill Stanek?

Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

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