top-101What interests people always interests me. Some posts that I think are not so amazing spark lots of activity and vice versa. So here were my top 10 most read posts of 2013. Thanks to Kelli for researching these stats.

10. March for Life 2013: A picture is worth 650,000 words (January 26)

9. Most offensive pro-abortion ad ever – “Happy 40th Anniversary Baby” – PULLED (January 29)

8. Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy not as easy as it looks (March 20)

7. Would it be legal to abort this baby? (April 3)

6. Autopsy photos released of teen who died during “safe and legal” abortion (January 9)

5. Breaking, photos: TX abortionist impales, twists heads off live babies (May 15)

4. Christian university retaliates against pro-life student for showing graphic reality of abortion (June 5)

3. Four reasons why media isn’t covering Gosnell mass murder trial (April 11)

2. Raped, impregnated 13-year-old keeps baby (February 11)

1. Breaking: Carhart’s victims identified (February 10)

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