Lilith Fair in full meltdown mode: Liberal feminists in crisis

lilith fair 23.png

Well, wow. When last we left Lilith Fair, its pro-abort organizers couldn't explain to fomenting pro-abort supporters how several pregnancy care centers had landed on their voting roster for charities to support with ticket sales - and nixed them.

sarah mclachlan npr.jpgDespite attempts like that to please liberal feminist supporters, Lilith Fair is now in full meltdown mode, with Sarah McLachlan (pictured right at the July 15 Bonner Springs, KS, show) forced to cancel 13 of the 36 dates according to NPR... and counting....

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Sarah Palin's new ad a direct mama grizzly attack against pro-abort feminists

Sarah Palin PAC's 1st political ad, entitled "Mama Grizzlies," speaks directly to mothers, wooing their maternal instinct, a nature and focus group pro-abort feminists understandably find impossible to attract.

Furthermore, the ad has strong pro-life undertones, Palin's overdubbed verbiage having been lifted from a speech she gave at the Susan B. Anthony List's Celebration of Life event in May.

Palin is singlehandedly forcing the pro-life issue to the forefront of the 2010 election season. I've heard the Republican establishment is wavering on whether to spotlight the marked differences between the 2 parties and various candidates on abortion. More on that later. Even if it doesn't, Palin will.

Palin's idea to brand and target the pro-life feminist, heretofore untapped by politicos, is a stroke of genius. It is also an ideological game changer. According to Politico, July 8...

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New York Times op ed: "The year of the (pro-life) woman"

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Good timing.

In conjunction with our weekend question and a previous post on the same general topic comes an op ed by Ramesh Ponnuru in the June 11 New York Times entitled, "The year of the (pro-life) woman."

pro-life women 6.png

The entire piece is excellent. Here's an excerpt...

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Michelle Duggar makes robo call for female candidate; conservative women wrest control of term "feminism"

michelle duggar robo call.jpgThe Susan B. Anthony List announced today that über mom Michelle Duggar (pictured right) has recorded a robo call for its endorsed AR congressional candidate Cecile Bledsoe (pictured below left).

Bledsoe is a Republican underdog running in an open seat primary runoff next Tuesday, June 8, in a "ruby red district," according to The Hill, against Rogers Mayor Steve Womack. 8 candidates vied in last month's primary, with Womack getting 31% of the vote and Bledsoe 13%.

Michelle's recorded message is precious. (Hear it here). The Hill quipped Michelle's intro "might be the best robo-call opening line this election cycle"....

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Hos before embryos

Pro-aborts like to accuse pro-lifers of negatively stereotyping women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. For instance, Amanda Marcotte wrote:

If there's any one dictum that makes up the backbone of the anti-choice movement, it might be phrased as, "There are sluts in the world and they get what's coming to them."

Of course pro-lifers don't think or talk like that.

But it certainly doesn't help the the other side's attempt to smear us as typecasting mothers in crisis pregnancies as "sluts" when young pro-aborts are bragging that they are, in fact, sluts.

S**U, Sexists blog (had to bleep the actual name) posted the following picture on May 18, with the caption, "A big ol' gold star to tehsunshine, for her brave (and awesome) stand against anti-choicers outside of Planned Parenthood"...

hos before embryos.jpg

Jill at the pro-abort blog Happy Bodies thought quite highly of the sign...

pro-choice ethics abortion.png

Kungfucarrie blogged that the photo was "amazing." Another blogger whose name I can't repeat wrote, "New favourite poster slogannnnn."

So these pathetic young women are all bragging about their right to sleep around and abort if pregnancy gets in the way so they can continue to sleep around - the very definition of "slut," wouldn't you say? So sad.

Badass Saudi woman beats up "virtue" cop

saudi bad ass.jpg

It's rare when Ms. magazine and I see eye to eye, but I love the following story it just tweeted. And I have to say I also loved and borrowed from Ms.'s headline, sorry. From the Jerusalem Post, May 17...

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Leftist support of sex trafficking, rape, exploitation of women (illegal immigration)

Most should be aware of this story by now, as explained by, May 12:

highland park girls basketball team.jpg

Parents in IL are outraged over a move by a local high school to scrap its girls basketball team's trip to AZ over the Grand Canyon State's new immigration law.

The Highland Park High School varsity basketball team has been selling cookies for months to raise money for a tournament in AZ..

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Next on reality tv: Virgin auction

virgin mary and justin sisely.jpg

I expect liberal feminists won't mind this, since they support those formerly known as prostitutes: "sex workers." From the New York Post, today:

A reality show that promises to sell off 3 virgins to the highest bidder is - to say the least - raising a storm of controversy on 2 sides of the Pacific....

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Feministing: "The pro-choice movement would fail without young women"

Richer irony comes on the heels of the Newsweek piece that lamented the lack of abortion support among abortion survivors.

Jessica at Feministing, aggravated by pro-abort warhorses complaining that young people aren't engaged, wrote a response entitled, "The pro-choice movement would fail without young women."

gendercide 100 million economist.jpgWhere to begin? I could remind Jessica that half of those aborted are female, sharply cutting into her prospect list.

But wait, I'd be wrong. As The Economist reported March 4, there is a worldwide war against baby girls, most often waged via abortion. The Economist estimates the current shortage is at 100 million.

If Jessica really cares, she could fight female gendercide.

But then Jessica would have to convert to pro-life.

Otherwise Jessica is stuck in a movement slowly committing hari kari.

burka.jpgBy her pro-abort activism Jessica is also aiding and abetting the sex trafficking epidemic, caused by the shortage of women, as well as enabling a male-dominated world that will likely frown on feminism.

How do you feel about the burka look, Jessica?

[Graphic via The Economist]

Newsweek: Pro-aborts worry about next generation

Newsweek posted an interesting piece on April 16, "Remember Roe!", with the byline, "How can the next generation defend abortion rights when they don't think abortion rights need defending?"

march for life young people.jpgHow ironic. As I commented to a millennial who wrote an article at RH Reality Check attempting to refute Newsweek, "Elise, just one question: What in the world draws you to join a movement that tried every way possible to ensure your mother could kill you, unrestrained by any law or regulation whatsoever?"...

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Susan B. Anthony museum opens today amidst abortion controversy

Susan B. Anthony museum, abortion,2.jpgToday marks the grand opening of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace and Museum, in Rochester, NY.

Anthony was a leading figure in the women's rights movement, famously arrested in 1872 for the crime of voting.

Anthony also considered abortion a strike against women's rights....

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Feminist hysterical rant Round II: Focus on the Family promotes violence against women

First, a Super Bowl commercial break by Snickers...

And now back to our sponsor, me.

In Round I of the liberal feminist rant against Focus on the Family, our counterparts set the women's movement back 50 years by behaving hysterically and, as it turns out, without warrant, in advance reaction to the anemic pro-life ad starring Pam and Tim Tebow.

In Round II we see the feminists trying to distract the audience as they wipe the egg off their faces by displaying another stereotype, that they have absolutely no sense of humor and walk around with corncobs up their patooties....

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Reactions to Tebow ad

Posting good ones as I read them...

Gerard Nadal at Coming Home provides excellent analysis, catching a good comment by Christina at this blog, "When you're reduced to pitching a hissy fit that a mother brags about her baby, you're screwed.", abortion, focus on the family, pro-life.png

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Latest feminist cause: Prostitutes' rights

I don't know, I just don't know. The world is a backward place.

Lori at Feministing is celebrating International Human Rights Day today by championing the rights of Indian "sex workers":

Indian girl prostitutes.jpg

In honor of this special anniversary, and in an effort to highlight grassroots efforts to ensure the inclusion of women and girls in the promise the Universal Declaration, check out this fantastic new IWHC short documentary highlighting the mobilization efforts of sex workers in rural India....

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Even pro-aborts think "pro-choice" is uncool

After I wrote my post, "Has 'pro-choice' lost its cool?" I remembered something I read last week I meant to blog on but forgot about after the House Stupak/Pitts vote.

On November 4 Planned Parenthood NYC sponsored a "Voices of Feminism" fundraising event, "featuring 3 of NYC's leading feminist voices, women's rights activists and influential writers as they discuss what feminism means to them" - Gloria Feldt (former Planned Parenthood prez), Lynn Harris (feminist author and comedienne) , and Jessica Valenti (editor of

Planned Parenthood New York City, Voices of Feminism, Gloria Feldt, Lynn Harris, Jessica Valenti, pro-choice, abortion.png

In a piece entitled, "Three feminists on dirty words, pop culture, and the language of Choice," the blogger at Jezebel wrote the following day...

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From India: a lesson in true feminism

tribal.jpgby intern Heather B.

On June 26, 10k students from 12 schools trekked 3 km to promote a timeless message: life is precious.

The march for life in Coimbatore, southern India, bore a unique mission: to be an advocate for the annual 5 million victims of abortion in the world's most gender-imbalanced country: girls....

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Palin goes on offensive against Letterman on Today Show

Sarah Palin made strong points in an interview today on The Today Show, speaking with Matt Lauer about several sexist pot shots David Letterman made this week against her and her daughters. She was certainly on the offensive, saying:

  • Comments such as Letterman's add to the low self-esteem of teens in daughter Bristol's precarious situation - young, unmarried, pregnant.

  • Comments such as Letterman's add to the allure of adult male sexual predators preying on young girls, no matter whether he was speaking of her 18- or 14-year-old.

  • Comments such as Letterman's again demonstrate the political double standard of making families of conservatives, particularly women, the brunt of misogynist jokes.
  • Palin refused to back away from her spokesperson's statement rejecting Letterman's offer to appear on his show, as "it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman," Willow being Palin's 14-year-old. She refused to accept that Letterman was taking jabs at 18-year-old Bristol, not Willow, as he has since stated.

    Palin also gave a great laugh line in response to Letterman's "slutty flight attendant" line: "My first thought was, hey, don't disparage flight attendants! They work hard, we love 'em...."

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    NOW sides with Palin: Letterman's jokes were "juvenile, sexist"

    UPDATE, 6/12, 12:45a: Now Amanda Fortini at Salon has jumped on the anti-misogynist Letterman bandwagon, also calling out feminists who avert their eyes when conservative women are the targets. In an overall good piece just out:

    If there was any question that a stubborn strain of old-school sexism persists in Obama's America, one has only to look at certain leaders of what the right wing loves to call the "liberal media" but which is sounding and acting, recently, more like the frat-house media.

    salon broadsheet.jpg

    There, like a virus hiding in the body before, perhaps, staging a comeback, misogyny has found a place to lurk almost undetected, at least by the usually sharp eyes of progressive feminists.

    Examine the symptoms of this infection, beginning with David Letterman's comments....

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    Stop deportation and "honor killing" of Roohi Tabassum

    Roohi.jpeg.jpgby Kelli

    The Toronto Sun reported this month on the case of Roohi Tabassum (pictured right), a 44-year-old Pakistani woman living in Canada, set to be deported April 28.

    Many have rallied and contacted the Canadian government to allow Tabassum to remain in the country, claiming if she is deported she will become the victim of an honor killing.

    Her husband, Faisal Javed, a Sunni, has written her, according to the TS...

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    Gender imbalance, sex trafficking, and Jay Leno

    BBC News reported April 6:

    Such a tragedy. Where are the feminists? Here's a BBC sidenote...

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    Clinton's edited definition of "women's rights"

    In this AFP article today, Hillary Clinton sounds positively pro-life, discussing women's rights in terms of the right to become pregnant, to carry one's baby to term, and to fulfill natural maternal instincts to care for one's newborn, all free of duress. Alas, we know Clinton also includes the freedom to kill one's baby as a woman's right, which makes the sentence I've underlined particularly worrisome. Interesting that she didn't mention it here...

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, taking a break from nuclear disarmament issues, discussed women's rights and her love for husband Bill during a visit Friday to a South Korean women's university.

    hillary seoul.jpg

    Some 2,000 students at Seoul's Ewha University gave Clinton a standing ovation as she entered the hall and frequently interrupted her speech with applause.

    "No country has yet achieved full equality for women. There is still a lot ahead for us to make sure that gender equality becomes reality," Clinton said in her speech.

    "Part of my mission as the secretary of state is (making sure) the United States is committed to enhancing the rights of women."

    Clinton said society still makes it very hard for women to balance family and work, and called for more flexible working hours.

    She recalled her own experience working for a law firm when male colleagues pretended not to know she was pregnant.

    When she gave birth to Chelsea, she received a call from a colleague asking when she was coming back to work. Instead, she said, she proposed maternity leave and he failed to understand the concept.

    Women's History Pop Quiz

    By Valerie Ryan

    We have many people from both sides of the abortion debate who consider themselves a feminist. I wonder which group knows more about Womens' history?

    I have a short Pop Quiz for us all to take to find out.

    Now, I’m sure most of these can be found on a google search so we are going to go by the honor system. We will trust that there will be no cheating.

    (these are not necessarily 1st American women to . . . )

    1. Who was the first woman U.S. presidential candidate?

    2. Who were the the co-founders of the womans suffrage movement?

    3 . Who was the first person to be a U.S. flagmaker?

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    Baby blues

    by Bethany Kerr


    [Source: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott]

    Female athletes, the "weakened state" of pregnancy, and abortion doping

    The Associated Press reported May 22:

    The NCAA's committee on women in sports will review its guidelines amid reports of female athletes being threatened with the loss of scholarships if they became pregnant....

    Last week, Cassandra Harding, a member of the Memphis track team, told The Associated Press that she lost her scholarship after becoming pregnant, and a Clemson athlete told ESPN she had an abortion to stay in school.

    Harding, who also considered abortion, returned to school without a scholarship and rejoined the track team as a walk-on after having her daughter, Assiah, now 22 months old.

    Although NCAA rules allow a school to grant an athlete an extra year of eligibility if she misses a year because of pregnancy, the rules don't require it. Nor do they spell out the rights of a pregnant athlete.

    Here's yet another example of coerced abortions, a worldwide crime against mothers and children for a plethora of reasons - population control, rape/incest cover-up, and even athletic scholarships. And, again, where are the feminists?

    Harding... interesting. Many pro-aborts on this site complain pregnancy invokes a 'weakened state" when the opposite is true. Dr. Poul-Erik Paulev of the University of Copenhagen wrote that pregnancy appears to increase muscle strength in female athletes:


    Female top athletes - just following the time when they gave birth to their first child - have set several world records.

    A rowing blogger corroborated:

    It's a well known fact that female endurance athletes do tend to perform better after childbirth (Sonia O'Sullivan [pictured right, with daughter] and Liz McColgan are classic examples).

    female athlete 3.jpgThere's also the phenomenon of abortion doping, another proof, albeit sick, that pregnancy empowers. I read about this a few years ago, something when fact-checking for this post I found even Snopes corroborated:

    As gruesomely unbelievable as this must sound, there is some reason to believe such a procedure might exist.

    Snopes explained abortion doping is:

    ... the notion that female athletes can supercharge their bodies through aborting a fetus just before competition and reabsorbing into their own systems the additional hormones the pregnancy produced. Akin to blood doping, the object is to increase the presence of a natural substance in the athlete... in this case... hormone levels... are being boosted....

    All this raises many questions. Is it fair or unfair to make special rules for pregnant women athletes? Is abortion doping acceptable or not? Why or why not?

    And can someone please explain how pregnancy weakens a woman, particularly when at that time she's doing the one thing men can't do?

    [Hat tip:]