wow.jpgConfirming the phrase, “What goes around comes around,” Women on Waves has endured much misery during its 9-year run.
WoW hit on the idea in 1999 to hoist pregnant female passengers in ports of call where abortion was illegal, transport them out to international waters, abort them, and return the barren bonnies to their motherland.
The craven crew hit their first snag in 2002 when the Dutch government refused to issue a permit to their converted fishing trawler over safety concerns….

They overcame that obstacle only to hit another. In 2004 a Portuguese warship barred them from entering its waters on friendly terms.
harmoney 3.jpg And now this.
After trading in the trawler, WOW’s new “ship” dubbed Harmony ran aground on its way to abort in Ecuador 2 weeks ago, making it “almost sure it will not be able to arrive in Ecuador for the planned campaign.”
Too bad, but what lies beneath is even more dangerous. WOW is now promoting self-administered RU-486 abortions in countries where abortion is illegal. WoW always was about medical, not surgical abortions, which explained the small size of its “ship”:

[I]n order to be able to sail to international waters to allow women to swallow the abortion pill, one does not need a huge ship with a hospital on board. There is no risk at all that a medical problem associated with the medication can happen at high sees [sic].

(“No risk at all”? Does that sound like a real medical professional speaking? Does that not defy simple common sense?)
Then, after stating, “Every 7 minutes a woman dies unnecessarily from an illegal abortion,” WoW promotes illegal abortions by telling mothers in crisis pregnancies where abortion is illegal to order the RU-486 abortion cocktail online after getting an online doctor “consultation.”
click here 2.jpgThis is all incredible.
WOW admits on its website RU-486 abortions work only 90% of the time, with an increased risk of deformity should the preborn baby survive. (Making lemonade from lemons, WOW says fetal deformities may open the door to a legal abortion.)
WOW also claims a “97% success rate,” which means 3% of medical abortions are unsuccessful – hemorrhage? incomplete abortion? infection? Whatever, WOW is placing 3% of its clientele in danger by starting something it is not medically equipped to finish. Will illegally aborting pregnant mothers in trouble seek help?
But there’s more. Only yesterday came this news report:

Early studies conducted by University of Michigan scientists point to rare, fatal infections in off-label use of misoprostol, a drug used to cause abortion. When taken orally, RU-486’s companion drug – misoprostol – is safe; however, vaginal use may undermine the body’s immune responses and is now believed to be linked to the deadly infections seen in [8] women taking the drugs since 2000.

Meanwhile, the WoW website advertises:
It shouldn’t, but the abortion industry continues to shock me.
[HT: Shameless magazine]

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