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On the blogs today…

  • Forest Nymph links to a Wall Street Journal editorial on the NAACP and abortion. William McGurn says:

    Just imagine if this institution used its voice and resources to ensure that, beside all those Planned Parenthood clinics located in our minority neighborhoods, African-American women could find another kind of place. A place not unlike Good Counsel – where a scared young pregnant woman could carry her baby to term, complete her education, train for a new job, and be treated with the love and respect that a mother needs and deserves.

    Read more about the Cincinnati NAACP protest here.

  • Following up on a previous (Prolifer)ations post as well as a post by Jill, this from Monica Miller at Citizens for a Pro-life Society

    Women’s Advisory aborted babies video has been remounted!

    You Tube never responded to our inquiries. So CPS has taken the initiative and opened a new account with YouTube. We slightly altered the original Abortion Dumpster Scandal-Women’s Advisory video that YouTube took off their site last week.
    Hopefully this alteration will comply with their “rules” even though we were never told WHY the original video was deleted from YouTube! The new video is called Abortion Exposed. If you haven’t seen it, it certainly is a unique, rare, and disturbing look at the abortion industry!
    When we remounted this new video we lost all 7000 original hits that were generated on the original video and all the comments that it generated too! So we are back to zero starting today! (The Hodari Dumpster Scandal video is still available. )
    Also, a companion video is available on YouTube, Fr. Pavone’s YouTube video. It is a recording of CPS’s June 27th burial of the Women’s Advisory babies. Take a look…

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