I received this population poem yesterday via email:

the world is overpopulated

sometimes people make mistakes

sometimes people die to make the total population healthier

sometimes when a woman decides that the man she chose was a wrong choice

giving that person a child would be a travesty of life

sometimes those people are children

I wish I had never had one

my daughter has said frequently she wished she were never born

I think to my self “I do too”

she is 22 now and has no future that I can see

at least not in the world after Bush

overpopulationI responded to the writer, whose name I’m omitting for the sake of his/her daughter, that it seemed they were both depressed, and had they sought counseling?

I wrote there are plenty of people who are grateful to be alive despite the fact their mothers didn’t like their fathers, even if justified. It’s not our call to determine intrinsic human value based on circumstances. Every person born has value endowed by our Creator, not by fellow createds.

And I wrote that placing the blame for a futureless world on President Bush is silly.
I forgot to write that “over population” is a myth (more on overpopulation).
[Graphic courtesy of overpopulationthreat.blogspot.com]

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