The New York Times on February 10 reported the FDA has undertaken “an unusual crackdown” against Bayer, manufacturer of the birth control pill Yaz, forcing it to issue corrective ads for “overstat[ing] the drug’s ability to improve women’s moods and clear up acne, while playing down its potential health risks” in previous ads.
Here’s 1 of the 2 ads that got Bayer in trouble. Note the balloons indicating “headaches,” “acne,” and “feeling anxious” will float away if women use Yaz:

I sure wish I could find the other ad, which sounds funny on so many levels, but it has vanished off the Internet. According to, it
“featur[ed] women singing ‘We’re not gonna take it’ and kicking, punching, and pushing balloons imprinted with words such as ‘irritability,’ ‘moodiness,’ and ‘bloating’.” That song, incidentally, was by Twisted Sister, seen here giving a shout out to Yaz at a concert. As I said, so many levels of unintended parody….

According to NYT, this is the 2nd time a drug company has been slapped by the FDA in recent years for the same reason. In 2003 Berlex Laboratories, makers of Yasmin, was issued a warning letter for exaggerating the drugs benefits and downplaying its risks.
Where are the feminists?
Found these, too. First a Yaz ad apparently trying to take the FDA’s warnings a little more seriously…

And then a parody, the makers of which obviously invested quite a bit to produce (warning, PG-13 at end)…

Pretty funny.
Incidentally, Yaz still misleads on the biggest concern: it can abort. On its colorful and easy to read webpage Yaz states:
Yaz slide 1.JPG
But in its hard to find physicians’ fine print Yaz states:
Yaz 2.jpg
And even that is unclear. Implantation of what?
Nevertheless, why isn’t the FDA concerning about this obviously misleading information?

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