I’m thinking there needs to be a new official abortion classification: Toilet Abortions. Recall I reported one just the other day as well as closely related Shower Abortions.
But there is no correlation between wanton legalized abortion and infanticide of children being born. No. As friend Sandy noted, the parents of this girl must have been conservative. That explains it. Note this baby was left in the care of the mother who tried to kill her and who had apparently murdered the baby’s sibling. Reported Fox News March 2:

Authorities investigating a teacher’s aide accused of trying to drown her newborn girl in a toilet have found the decomposed remains of another infant at her southern IL home.


The remains apparently had been at Elyse Mamino’s home in the St. Louis suburb of Belleville for more than a year…. No charges in the child’s death had been filed as of Monday.
Mamino, 23, was arrested last week and charged with attempted first-degree murder. Authorities allege that in November, she was at a house party in nearby Columbia when she gave birth in a bathroom and tried to drown the baby….

Someone at the party called police, first reporting the infant as dead…. But emergency responders, with help from a bystander, managed to revive the girl by the time she arrived at the hospital….
The baby, now in a relative’s care, was hospitalized for about 2 weeks. Edwards said it is unclear whether she suffered brain damage.
Mamino remained jailed Monday on $250,000 bond, and it was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney. She worked as a teacher’s aide in Belleville for autistic children….
[Columbia police Chief Joe] Edwards called the case “very disturbing,” in part because state child-welfare officials let Mamino keep custody of her surviving girl from the time the baby was released from the hospital in December until Mamino’s arrest last week.
The child remained in Mamino’s custody despite investigators “airing concerns” that the mother perhaps tried to kill the girl, Edwards said.

[HT: friend Sandy]

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