Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby intern Anne Marie D.
Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Judie Brown comments on her American Life League blog regarding the potential partnership between CeltiCare, Inc. and Caritas Christi, the Catholic healthcare system overseen by the Archdiocese of Boston. CeltiCare is a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation, a “multi-line healthcare enterprise” which provides both medical care and specialty services to individuals qualifying for Medicaid….

    The trouble with such a partnership is that CeltiCare is known to provide coverage for abortions and “family planning services,” and speculations have been made both ways about the implications such a partnership would involve. According to Brown:

    The terms of CeltiCare’s contract with the state government specifically require coverage for abortions and other “reproductive health” services. How then could Caritas Christi – which owns 49% of the for-profit CeltiCare – justify its involvement and direct connection with this business while adhering to the Catholic Church’s unequivocal teachings on abortion, contraception and sterilization?

  • Mary Meets Dolly reports on the controversy surrounding the term “embryo adoption,” the practice of allowing a couple to adopt an embryo conceived through another couple using IVF. The blog quotes NYC’s Village Voice in regards to the perceived problem for the pro-choice movement:

    “I think it is dangerous,” says Sean Tipton, spokesman for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. “It’s the language of embryo adoption that helps people start equating in their minds an embryo with a child. And if you establish that legally, it becomes very important.”

    Using the term “adoption,” the article argues, humanizes the embryo, striking a damaging blow to “in vitro fertilization, the future of embryonic stem cell research, and abortion.”

  • Big Blue Wave gives an update on the OR woman alleged to have cut a fetus from another woman’s womb, killing both mother and child in the process. The suspect will not be charged with the death of the unborn baby boy, who was to be named “John.” Sadly enough, OR law states that a separate charge cannot be filed unless the baby draws at least one breath outside the womb. Autopsy reports suggest that this did not occur.
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