This ad popped up on Craigslist yesterday (click to enlarge):
healthcare pp chicago.jpg
While Planned Parenthood has been swearing up and down abortion isn’t in Obamacare, here’s an ad placed by PP Chicago stating quite the contrary….

“Anti-choice forces… want to exclude reproductive health care.” Of course “reproductive health care” is code for abortion, and if you’re not quite positive, hello, what have “anti-choice forces” been fighting in Obamacare?
Grassroots Campaign is a “team of organizers…” catering to the “progressive community,” btw.
Also see this tweet by PP CEO Cecile Richards 2 days ago:
Cecile tweet.jpg
Abortion proponents have been laying low in recent days, but they’re still hard at work in conjunction with the White House to keep abortion in nationalized healthcare. Read Richards’ Facebook entry yesterday to learn the new angle, which includes, believe or not, concern for childbearing:

Women are charged higher health insurance premiums because — NEWS FLASH – we bear children! Wouldn’t you think we would get a medal instead of higher insurance costs?….
Women get the short end of the stick from the insurance industry, so, yes, of course, we want national standards!…
Women need affordable health care that covers OUR needs – from childbearing to Pap smears to mammograms.

And the A-word. Funny how the CEO of the United States’ largest abortion provider forgot about that.
[HT: Deb K.]