Thumbnail image for halvorson 6.jpgYesterday I took part in a planned protest of my IL Democrat Obamacare-loving Congresswoman, Debbie Halvorson (CD-11), who refuses to hold a townhall meeting during summer recess.
We were surprised to be greeted by Obamacare counterprotesters, who learned about our protest and beat us to the coveted spot in front of Halvorson’s office.
I’ve read that while complaining about we astroturf, unAmerican, mobs of “evil mongers” (the latest depiction of us by Harry Reid, yesterday), the other side has been organizing unions to brandish its message.
I’m here to corroborate. First, just by perusing these 2 photos you can tell the financially backed, highly organized group from the organically grown group…

halvorson 002.JPG
halvorson 005b.JPG
I approached the other side and asked people first if they lived in our district. I never got a straight answer. The closest was, “What does it matter?” Then I asked if they were paid to protest and again didn’t get a straight answer. Then I asked if they belonged to a union. They all said yes. I counted 3 unions represented – the IBEW, UAW, and CWA AFL-CIO….
halvorson 024.JPG
Halvorson 029.JPG
Halvorson 033.JPG
That last photo is a snapshot I took of a flyer an IBEW member gave me.
The kicker? Helen and I went to Debbie’s office to express our desire as her constituents that she hold a townhall meeting on the healthcare topic.
In the middle of a Thursday workday, Debbie’s office was locked with lights off. (And you can see there was no sign on the door, “At lunch, be back soon!”)
halvorson 030.JPG
halvorson 013.JPG
I mentioned the other day that the National Republican Congressional Committee has targeted 70 House seats to take back and microtargeted 13.
Halvorson is among that 13. And by stonewalling on a request to meet with her constituents, even locking up her office to avoid them, she shows why the RNCC smells political blood.