Cecile Richards and “scare tactics”

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards just posted an interesting tweet.
cecile richards scare tactics.jpg
“Enough w/ the scare tactics already!” ??
What’s so scary about taxpayer funded abortions, Cecile?
And if abortion’s really not in there, why aren’t you as the CEO of the United States’ largest abortion provider fighting for it? Why are you expending so much energy protesting that it’s in there? Seems to me you’re aborting your own funding.

7 thoughts on “Cecile Richards and “scare tactics””

  1. I love that she writes stuff like ‘no, abortion won’t be funded’ and ‘all we’re in favor of is health care’ and THEN says (direct quote) “We know from our patients that women need and want access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health care, by the provider of their choice. Health care reform is not the place to negotiate the legality of reproductive health care.” So how anyone could think abortion isn’t in there is beyond me!

  2. I can’t find “Kathleen Parker’s false allegations” on the internet. The link Richards provides doesn’t go anywhere…
    Say abortions are explicitly NOT covered in the Health Plan, what’s to prevent PP or any other pro-abort group from going through Federal courts to declare the lack of abortion coverage unconstitutional? Should the Hyde Amendment be written into the Health Care Plan? Just wondering.

  3. “Should the Hyde Amendment be written into the Health Care Plan? Just wondering.”
    I’m reading posts out of order and realize now that this topic came up earlier today, so never mind on that part of my comment.

  4. After Barack Obama promised PP that he will get “reproductive care” passed as “essential” “basic” and “central” care, ask any true pro-lifer if we DON’T believe him when he says “abortion is NOT in the Democrat’s healthcare bill” and we will answer like Sarah Palin, “YOU BETCHA”!

  5. Couldn’t one just as reasonably argue that cosmetic surgery is an essential part of health care and this should be taxpayer funded (you will note that PC people always call abortion “federally funded” while supporting children of poor women “taxpayer funded”)?
    Certainly we all agree it isn’t fair that rich women can afford all the cosmetic surgery they want and poor women can’t.
    Cosmetic surgery can be essential to one’s mental health(it would do wonders for mine), it can build a woman’s self esteem, it can inspire her to do more and better, it can make her feel she is in control, and if a woman thinks a feature is unsightly or is holding her back in any way, why shouldn’t it be her “right” to have this corrected?
    Don’t believe those ridiculous arguments that “free” cosmetic surgery will result in an increase in the number of cosmetic procedures being done. We all “know” that women don’t really want these procedures, they NEED them. We should be spending our money and resources on educating women as to what is really important, building their self esteem and better enabling them to take control of their lives, so they don’t feel any need to resort to cosmetic surgery.
    Of course our ultimate goal will be to make cosmetic surgery unnecessary and rare.
    Arguments sound familiar?

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