msnbc logo, dylan ratigan, abortion, healthcare.jpgAmerican Life League Communications Director Katie Walker appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting today to discuss the topic of public funded abortion in socialized healthcare.
Host Dylan Ratigan had the nerve to accuse pro-lifers of interjecting our ideology into the healthcare debate, which is exactly backward. The man had obviously done no research on the topic, merely bleating pro-abort spin that pro-lifers are attempting to advance the line, when actually we’re just trying to hold the line.
Katie did a great job scoring talking points that pro-lifers now represent the majority in America, and there are many more problems with healthcare than abortion. Katie also reoriented the abortion conversation to its foundational point, the personhood of preborns. Too bad Ratigan cut her off before she could respond to his idiotic boast that we are simply ignorant about when life begins, with which no biologist or scientist would concur.
Katie was great…

[HT: AmerLifeLeague on Twitter]