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The above Boston Globe photo is of TX Congressman John Culberson yesterday, tossing Pelosi’s 2k page healthcare bill into an opposition crowd. Reports the Globe

The sweeping health care overhaul package before Congress is under an 11th-hour attack over a pair of emotional issues, abortion and immigration, that are complicating Democrats’ efforts to piece together the coalition they need to pass the bill.
Veteran lawmakers said they were confident they could add wording to ease the worries of colleagues and interest groups…
But with the House scheduled to vote on the health care package tomorrow, members of Congress are being inundated with complaints from constituents about hot-button social issues the lawmakers say are not even related to a bill that will affect 1/6 of the nation’s economy. Thousands of protesters, many of them carrying signs against abortion or illegal immigrant health care coverage, gathered at the Capitol yesterday demanding that Congress “kill the bill,” and many visited their congressmen’s offices yesterday to voice the same opinion.

In an article entitled, “Temperatures rising on healthcare,” The Hill reports this morning the pressure is INTENSE on pro-life Democrats to support Pelosi’s healthcare bill:
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The abortion compromise was turning into a contest of wills, with the US Conference of Bishops on one side and Pelosi, a devout Catholic [?!] and a supporter of abortion rights, on the other.
Ellsworth said at least 3 Democratic abortion-rights opponents have agreed to support his language, but many others won’t because the bishops don’t support it.
“Other members felt like they needed the… blessing of the Catholic bishops,” Ellsworth said.
And the bishops, whose representatives he met with Thursday morning, are insisting on an amendment authored weeks ago by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), which would block any subsidies from paying for abortion….

Meanwhile the phony pro-life Ellsworth amendment “has sparked a furious backlash among national, state and local anti-abortion groups who typically support Ellsworth,” according to the Courier Press, a paper in Brad Ellsworth’s IN district. Here’s a photo from the paper (click to enlarge)…
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The Hill is updating a list of Democrats moving from the no to yes to maybe column and back again on healthcare.
Today’s the day to call. Tomorrow’s the vote. We can do this. Call your congressperson at both his or her district and DC office. Use the online congressional directory to find your rep and phone numbers or call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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