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  • President Obama is such a shameless liar.
    In a nationally televised address to Congress he claimed “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” when the legislation at that time included abortion funding. Now that the legislation has been amended to remove abortion funding via the Stupak amendment and prevents abortion coverage from being federally subsidized, Obama is sending out David Axelrod (below, left) to act like the Stupak amendment changes the “status quo” and that Obama’s original promise was that he wouldn’t change the status quo…

  • “The president has said repeatedly, and he said in his speech to Congress, that he doesn’t believe that this bill should change the status quo as it relates to the issue of abortion,” Axelrod told CNN. “He’s going to work with the Senate and the House to try to ensure that at the end of the day the status quo is not changed.”

    Thumbnail image for david-axelrod.jpgExcuse me, but how on earth is a government-run health care insurance program (in which the federal government subsidizes health care plans which include abortion) the status quo to what we have now?
    Secondly, when did Obama ever promise to keep the status quo? He even attacked the status quo in his health care speech to Congress:

    And I will not accept the status quo as a solution. Not this time. Not now.

  • At the National Review, Mike Potemra has some thoughts on Axelrod’s interview:
  • They could barely get this thing through the House, even when the pro-life Democrats had the Stupak Amendment to sweeten the deal. Now they appear to be willing to lose the health-care bill — and it’s not even in defense of their underlying principle of abortion rights. They are willing to risk losing the bill simply because the bill does not expand access to abortion as much as they would like it to.
    That’s a devotion that borders on religious fervor. There are many things that have been called make-or-break for the Obama presidency: winning Afghanistan, preventing another 9/11, turning the economy around. Here’s another thing that could break his presidency: torpedoing his No. 1 agenda item, in obeisance to a single-issue special-interest lobby that is losing support from the American people.

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  • Abortionist Willie Parker makes the mistake of admitting the Stupak amendment “mirrors” current abortion-funding regulations. I guess he didn’t get the “status quo” memo:
  • I practice in Washington, D.C., where women on Medicaid, the public health-insurance plan for the very poor, don’t have abortion coverage except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to their life. The Stupak amendment mirrors these Medicaid restrictions, which also currently apply to women in the military and female federal employees, no matter where they live. These patients–as well as the women who can’t afford any insurance or have insurance that doesn’t cover abortion–give my colleagues and me a preview of what women’s health care would look like in Rep. Bart Stupak’s America.

  • The Choose Life club at McGill University in Quebec, Canada has had their status as a club suspended. A vote to completely revoke their status almost passed:
  • During council, Rebecca Dooley, VP (University Affairs), indicated that four complaints against Choose Life have been brought to the attention of the Student Equity Committee since it was granted club status last year. The motion to suspend incorporated a clause which would send the club for evaluation by the Equity Committee.
    An amendment was added and stipulated that the club would meet with the Committee to develop a document that would allow for the expression of a pro-life viewpoint while remaining in line with the SSMU constitution and equity policy.

  • American Right to Life is certainly coming up with worse and worse ways of attempting to eliminate abortion in the next decade. Their new website, ProlifeProfiles.com, is devoted to attacking pro-lifers who aren’t on their personhood bandwagon. The site claims Sarah Palin is “officially pro-choice and stands against the God-given right to life of the unborn.” We also learn that President George W. Bush had “an enormous pro-abortion influence.”
    [Image attributions: photo of Willie Parker: prch.org; David Axelrod: chicagonow.com]

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