Breaking: Michelle Duggar delivers 25-week, 1#6oz baby by C-section

UDPATE, 12:15p: Here’s an iphone message Michelle and husband Jim Bob sent 3 days ago via TLC from her hospital bed, thanking people for prayers and indicating there were problems stabilizing her blood pressure.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg12:08p: Mom and baby Josie need our prayers. From ABC News, within the hour:

Michelle Duggar, star of the TLC reality show 18 Kids and Counting has given birth to her 19th child in an emergency C-section.
New baby Josie Brooklyn, born Thursday evening, weighs 1 pound 6 ounces and is in stable condition at the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, TLC reports….

TLC reports “Michelle is resting comfortably” while Josie Brooklyn stays at the neonatal intensive care unit, and that “the family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery.”
Duggar’s baby was not due until March, but TLC is reporting that Duggar went into the hospital early suffering pain from a gallstone. People magazine reported Monday that Duggar had been airlifted to a hospital in Little Rock because her gallbladder problems were causing contractions.
Only 6% of babies are born so early. Most preemies make it the 33rd week of pregnancy and while most premature babies are at risk for health problems, risk for complications increases the earlier a baby is born, according to the March of Dimes.
Their organs are less developed in babies before 32 weeks gestation, but advances in obstetrics and neonatology have improved the chances of survival for babies as small as Josie Brooklyn.
Josie Brooklyn was born at 25 weeks and, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in June, babies born at 25 weeks who receive aggressive treatment through intensive care have an 82% chance of survival….

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20 thoughts on “Breaking: Michelle Duggar delivers 25-week, 1#6oz baby by C-section”

  1. Lord,
    Protect this precious little baby named Josie that you created. Strengthen Michelle right now. Bring comfort and peace to the rest of the family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. I stand in agreement with Carla. Thank you, Jesus for hearing us and answering for I know it was You Who prompted us to pray! Thank You, Jesus for caring for baby Josie. Thank You for comforting the family. Thank You for making all well with the family.

  3. She and I were due at the same time and premature labor has been my biggest fear (due to past problems). I am so very sorry she is having to go through this (and tiny baby Josie, as well).
    I will pray for you, Michelle! Be strong for yourself and baby Josie! God will take care of the rest.

  4. Praying for baby Josie. 11 years ago this Christmas Eve our son Michael was born at 28 weeks – he was due in March also. He is a miracle and I’m praying for that same miracle for the Duggars.

  5. Oh my, I hope she and baby Josie are going to be okay!
    oh and glad they had another girl, but its scary that she had to be delivered so early. Baby Josie will have quite a few months ahead of her in the neonatal care.
    Praying for Michelle and baby!

  6. Marie,
    Praying for mom and baby and thinking positive:
    God has used this family to show many people what a wonderful blessing a child is, and how living according to God’s Will leads to a very, blessed life.
    I can’t help but to think that God will bring little Josie through this to show many people that a 25-week old baby CAN survive outside of the womb! What a wonderful testament this may be to the pro-aborts viability age!

  7. Remember, I was delivered at 25, weeks as well, the doctors didn’t think I’d make it either, but Here I am, 30, years later! God is Able! RJ

  8. Michelle and her baby are in my thoughts and prayers, but good grief, maybe this is Michelle’s body’s way of saying that it can’t handle another pregnancy.

  9. Thats a very hard thing to go through I went through something like that myselfand all you can do is keep your head up high and pray to the lord jesus I will keep the family in my prayers and I wish the best for little Josie

  10. Rachael, please don’t go there. She had gallstones. That could happen at any time, pregnant or not. I had a premature child my very first pregnancy.

  11. I am praying for all the Duggars as they are all going through this. Grandpa Duggar is watching over little Josie. I pray that she grows up strong and healthy like her brothers and sisters and her niece.

  12. I hope and pray that Josie makes it. Besides the obvious reasons for wanting her to live, I don’t want a bunch of cruel people to say that this shows why Michelle “should” have stopped having babies.

  13. Oh, dear… I’ll be praying for the little one as well.
    God certainly IS able! I wasn’t this early, I was born at 28 weeks, but I don’t know how the technology advances compare between now and 26 years ago either. I’m guessing we’ve come a long way since then. I certainly hope so, for the sake of little Josie. But even if we “don’t have the technology”, I know God is always able. Always.

  14. Oh how I’m praying for this gift from God. All babies are a miracle. It doesn’t matter if they are the first or 19th. There are so many prayers for this family right now. God doesn’t play games with babies lives. This is happening for a reason. I’m praying for the entire family.

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